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“The Magnificent Travelling Palace” Available Now on the App Store – News

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Rochester, NY (PRWEB) September 24, 2012 – “The Magnificent Travelling Palace,” an animated book app for children, is an original, 26 page adventure story told through the eyes of four children from the splendid City of Lakes, Udaipur, India.

The captivating colorful 3-D illustration and animations created by the 2012 TASI Viewers Choice award winner, Rakesh Nanda, together with the unique music, authentic sounds, and rich interactivity, create an exciting Indian atmosphere through which the adventure comes to life.

In addition, the young readers can enjoy preparing a traditional sweet Indian dessert presented (with a recipe) in the story.

” I researched a great deal before creating each illustration, the result are the small details specific to India in each image which bring a sense of authenticity to each image,” said Rakesh Nanda.

“As parents and educators we often look for the best app to help educate our kids but tend to neglect an important educational message like cultural openness and tolerance. When I started PlanTree Family I made it my goal to change that. ‘The Magnificent Travelling Palace’ is the first statement made by us but certainly not the last,” said Shoham Drori, the Founder of PlaneTree Family Productions.

The Magnificent Travelling Palace was approved by KinderTown and awarded with the Famigo’s APProved badge. In addition, the storybook was chosen as “App of the week” by iHeartThisApp and as one of the “Top 10 Book Apps about Travel” by Digital Storytime.

“One such app that both educates and entertains,” – 148Apps
“A beautiful eBook…one that you will want to stop and come back to again and again” – KinderTown
“A real treat for young armchair travelers. Recommended”- Digital Storytime
“The tale really unfolds and comes to life. I highly recommend this app”- The iPhone mom
“A perfect book app for kids and the whole family. This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life”- Best Apps for Kids

The App is recommended for ages 5 and up

“The Magnificent Travelling Palace” is available in both American and British English.
A free light version is also available online at the App Store.

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