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The Bippolo Seed by Dr Seuss- From Oceanhouse Media – Review

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The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories by Dr Seuss, is a collection of stories that were published in magazines in the 1940′s and 1950’s but then lost to the public until Sept 2011 when they were simultaneously published as a book by Random House and as an app by Oceanhouse Media .

This app contains 7 full length stories that you can chose individually, with read to me, read myself or auto play options. The words are also highlighted as read to encourage budding readers.

I was very curious to read this collection – its pretty exciting to find new Dr Seuss material that you have never read before. For me it was like going on a treasure hunt – finding characters and lines that reminded me of more familiar Dr Seuss tales, but in a totally new story. As you would expect from Dr Seuss these stories are fun and entertaining, with rhyming text, cheerful brightly colored illustrations, and a moral in the tale.

The Bippolo Seed is a tale of a duck that finds a rare seed that when he plants it and makes a wish, the tree will grow and produce whatever he wishes for. He is quite modest in his wish at first, but then along comes a cat that pushes him to wish for more and more, but they eventually end up with nothing. This teaches a good lesson about how wishing for too much can make you lose the one thing you want most.

The Strange Shirt Spot tells the story of a boy who gets a strange spot on his brand new shirt. He tries really hard to get rid of it, but just manages to transfer it from one place to the next. Eventually the spot ends up back on his shirt just as his mother comes home. She says, “ you’re lucky you didn’t get terribly hurt. But please in the future stay out of the dirt!”

Steak For Supper is the cautionary tale of a boy who braggs that they have steak for supper every Saturday night. After a whole menagerie of strange animals follow him home he learns to “button his lips”.

Tadd and Todd is the tale of two identical twins. Todd is happy, as he loves being a twin, Tadd is not. Tadd tries everything he can think of to be different from Todd, but in the end learns to just enjoy who he is and not try to change. Even though they aren’t identical my twins really enjoyed this story.

The Rabbit the Bear and The Zinniga-Zanniga is the tale of a rabbit who is almost eaten by a bear, but uses his wits to outsmart him. As the rabbit says “It’s always the same when you fight with Big Guys… A bit of Quick-Thinking counts much more than size!”

Gustav the Goldfish is a cautionary tale about a young boy who gets a goldfish, but who can’t quite keep to the directions he’s given and feed him only a pinch of fish food. One day he decides to feed him the whole box with disastrous consequences. My children thought it was hilarious watching Gustav grow bigger, and bigger and bigger, and all the chaos that ensues. Luckily everything turns out all right in the end and the boy learns his lesson only to feed Gustav a pinch of food.

Finally is the tale of The Great Henry McBride. Henry is dreaming about what he will be when he grows up, and his dreams become more and more outlandish, and he decides he wants to do many, many things at once. But for now Henry concludes, “The best job is dreaming and that’s no work at all”

I really enjoyed discovering this collection of Dr Seuss tales, and there are some really good ones in here – our favorites included the Bippolo Seed, Gustav the Goldfish and Tadd and Todd. At first glance the price of $8.99 may seem high, but as you get 7 full stories in the collection it is actually a great deal at less than $1.30 per story. I would highly recommend this collection to any Dr Seuss fan.

This review was written by Mary with addional input from Alison.

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