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Join us for our latest themed week – ‘Interactive Book Apps for Children 5 & Under’!

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The iMum has something very exciting in store to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday next month. From 2-9 March 2012 is ‘Interactive Book Apps for Children 5 & Under‘ week and we will be featuring a wide assortment of reviews, news, freebies and giveaways all week long!

Join in the fun by following us on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date on new reviews and giveaways or subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Attention app developers! We would love for you to participate in this event to help make it a success and we have a few great options available to you to help promote your book app throughout the week.

a) App Review – If you would like your book app reviewed for this event, please complete a Review Request before the 27th February. You are also welcome to run a promo code giveaway in conjunction with your review. Remember, it must be suitable for children 5 and under!

b) Promo Code Giveaway – If you would like to participate in a promo code giveaway (without a review), your app will be given a dedicated page on TheiMum.com with links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and the app itself should people just wish to purchase it outright should all the codes be used. Promo code giveaways are run through redeem-now.com. Please contact us with the details of your giveaway but please do not supply promo codes until we request them.

c) Price Drop Promotion – If you were planning on reducing the price of your app especially for this event, please contact us with the details prior to the event so we can add your app to the dedicated page on our website.

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