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Ghost Type by demografix pty ltd – Review & Giveaway

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Ghost Type by demografix pty ltd is an app for students and adults to master typing on the iPad using the innovative Ghosting keyboard. It supports multiple student profiles and has inbuilt lessons and practice text that are fully customizable as well as other features like lockable settings, choice of 14 fonts (including school fonts) and the ability to create/save/share your own content.

photo43 300×225 Ghost Type by demografix pty ltd Review & GiveawayThe Ghosting keyboard has no letters shown on it so that students can learn to type without looking at the keyboard. At first, the keyboard displays the letters but they begin to fade when you start typing. It remains faded out until you type a wrong letter or stop typing, and the letters will fade back in to assist you. The fade-in speed can be set as very slow, slow, normal, fast and very fast via the settings. The Ghost Type keyboard is optional, you can turn it off via the settings or use a ‘partial’ setting. The app is also fully compatible with external and bluetooth keyboards. Regardless of which keyboard you use, the on-screen text will show you where your typing mistakes are as well as your typing speed and accuracy as you type.

photo40 300×225 Ghost Type by demografix pty ltd Review & GiveawayDesigned for use with a class of students, this app allows the teacher to create, save and share or import new content into the app for the whole class to use instead of having to buy additional lesson and practice text packs. Though the app contains some lessons and practice text for students with different levels of typing skills, you will need to add more lessons depending on your students’ current abilities. For example, more lessons for learning the finger positions of the letters and typing of special characters. Students can choose which lessons they want to practice typing and you can monitor the progress from their individual profiles.

photo42 300×225 Ghost Type by demografix pty ltd Review & GiveawayGhost Type is also a great tool for getting students to learn a teacher-created content while typing the content. This not only makes the learning process more interesting, it also helps the students develop faster and more accurate typing skills at the same time. And best of all, you can be sure that your students have read every word in the lesson! Get them to type it a few more times and they would have memorized the information! For some fun applications, you can allow (via the app Settings) your students access to the Ghost Write section where they can practice typing their Facebook updates, tweets and emails using the ghosting keyboard and send them from the app itself. You can also set up a competition among your students by showing them their ranking in terms of their average typing speed and accuracy on the profiles page.

photo41 300×225 Ghost Type by demografix pty ltd Review & GiveawayBeing able to type fast and accurately is a skill worth investing the time and effort to master. It is a useful skill that will give your students/children an advantage in a world where most (if not all) writing are done on a QWERTY keyboard. It helps save time and improves spelling but most importantly, it allows them to concentrate on the content that they are typing instead of being bogged down with finding the correct keys all the time.

Overall, Ghost Type is an effective, functional and fun typing app for all students (and adults) and all classrooms should have access to this amazing app.

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