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Wungi Pirates by Wungi- Review + Giveaway

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Ahoy there me hearties who is ready to sail the Seven Seas on a pirate adventure ? With Wungi Pirates your young buccaneer can steer a pirate ship, fire the cannon at sea monsters, hunt for buried treasure and look through their spyglass from the Crows Nest.

The Jolly Roger is aloft but alas the captains treasure chest is looking empty. Time to get out the Treasure Map and choose a destination. Once the pirates land on the island X marks the spot, but which X ? There are lots to choose from. Pick a spot and set the Captain to work digging – will he discover treasure or a smelly old boot? Keep him digging until you find the treasure, then watch him do his happy pirate dance. There is lots of gold to be found and some beautiful treasures too – can you find them all ? Once the Captain digs up treasure, it magically appears in the treasure chest. Once its full to the top you can empty the chest to start the treasure hunt anew.

20130830 114504 Wungi Pirates by Wungi Review + Giveaway20130830 114516 Wungi Pirates by Wungi Review + Giveaway

The pirate map has lots of islands to explore, and your pirate can choose one of several ways to get to their destination. If he touches the island on the map the boat will appear on its shoreline, or he can drag his finger along the sea and have the pirate ship follow or take a turn at the helm and steer the ship to its destination. From the Crows Nest he can survey the surrounding area for islands to explore and sea monsters to battle. There are some hidden surprises on the pirate ship too – a parrot who will flap his wings, a ships bell to be rung and a cannon to fire.

20130830 114545 Wungi Pirates by Wungi Review + Giveaway

Yellow flags mark each spot where there are places to dig, if all the X’s in a location have been dug up the flag changes to red. This is handy for knowing which locations haven’t yet been dug. It would be nice if this happened when the treasure is found, instead of when all the X’s are dug, so they don’t have to keep digging after they’ve found the treasure.

Wungi Pirates is an app designed for the youngest pirate fans. It was developed by a dad whose young son wanted a fun child-frendly pirate app to play with, you can read more about it in our developer interview. It is child-safe: there are no ads, in-app purchases or external links. Many pirate apps have scary themes, making them unsuitable for young children but this is very gentle and appropriate for young children. It is best suited to pirate fans aged 2-5 years, but slightly older children will have fun with it too, my six-year-old son gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Overall, this is a fun imaginary play app for young pirate fans. I love that the play is open ended and the child can explore the ship and ocean as they wish. The app is bright and colorful and is accompanied by nautical music and sound effects. Although the graphics are not as detailed as some apps they are still appealing. Sailing the ship around all the islands is fun and the kids love digging for treasure, fighting sea monsters and looking through the spyglass. I hear that some interactive ocean animals will be coming in a new update very soon, and I look forward more fun pirate activities being added in future updates. Recommended for preschool-aged pirate fans everywhere.

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