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Speech-EZ App SALE

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Foundations Developmental House, the developers of Speech-EZ, have put 7 of their 8 iPad apps on sale from March 8-10th in honor of The Texas Speech and Hearing Convention.

These are very high quality Speech and language apps, suitable for use by SLP’s and for parents working at home on various speech, language, auditory processing and phonemic awareness goals. They use highly quality photographic images, and the cards are shuffled each time you start a session so they are not always presented in the same order or combination. They were all developed by Speech therapist Lynn Carahaly. Here is a brief summary of each of the apps:

Auditory Rhyming AR

Auditory Rhyming (AR)
Recognition of rhyming is one of the first ways a child demonstrates phonological awareness,these skills are very important in reading and writing. This app gives the child 3 pictures to choose from, you can set it to inclusion (which words rhymes), exclusion (which doesn’t rhyme) or a mixture of both. The focus is very much on “auditory rhyming” as the words are spoken when the picture are touched, but the written word is not visible. The child can’t just memorize the rhyming words as the presentations of the rhymes are always different.
Was $29.99 on Sale for $9.99 Auditory Rhyming AR – Foundations Developmental House, LLC
Syllable Counting (SC)
Syllable Counting SC
Syllable counting promotes literacy development, and to a smaller extent works on memory. This app has over 250 high quality colorful and engaging picture cards : one syllable words with consonant blends, two, three and four syllable words. The child hears the target word and sees a picture representing it, and they must determine the number of syllables in it.

Was $29.99 on Sale for $9.99 Syllable Counting SC – Foundations Developmental House, LLC

Hand Cue Sound Match (HCSM)

Hand Cue Sound Match HCSM

The Speech-EZ hand cues are a core part of the Speech-EZ Apraxia program. We have been using these hand cues with my daughter (who has Apraxia) for several months now and it has been amazing to see how using the cues really helps her get the correct sound. This app features still photographs of the hand cues and the child has to pick which of three phonogram’s (letters or groups of letters) this represents. In the instruction section of the app it also describes how to make each hand cue, so you can learn the hand cues even if you do not own the full Speech-EZ system.

Was $29.99 on Sale for $9.99 Hand Cue Sound Match HCSM – Foundations Developmental House, LLC

Sound Matching (SM)

Sound Matching SMThe Sound Matching App works on phonological awareness, auditory attention and sound order sequencing skills. You can choose to work on beginning sounds, ending sounds or a combination. There is a target picture card and the child has to pick which of 2 other picture cards have matching sounds eg “Hatch, tape, pouch which picture ends with the same sound as hatch ?” or” hoof, sap, hoop which picture starts with the same sound as hoof ?”

Was $29.99 on Sale for $9.99 Sound Matching SM – Foundations Developmental House, LLC

Auditory Figure Ground (AFG)

Auditory Figure Ground AFG

This unique App works on the ability to preceive speech in noisy environments eg a loud classroom or restaurant. A series of one syllable words are presented at a selected decibel with background noise. You can chose both the sound to noise ration (SNR) and the type of background noise. The individual gets to choose which of 4 picture cards represents the spoken word. It can be useful both for children who have difficulty understanding soeech in a noisy environment eg a classroom or playground and for adults who have compromised auditory processing eg after a stroke.

Was $29.99 on Sale for $9.99 Auditory Figure Ground AFG – Foundations Developmental House, LLC

Target Sound ID (TS)

Target Sound ID

The target sound ID apps works on developing phonological awareness, sound order sequencing skills and auditory attention skills. You can choose to work on initial sounds, final sounds or a combination. The child is presented with a picture and a choice of 3 letter cards and asked to chose which sound is first (or last) in that word. Being able to break words into smaller parts and recognise individual sounds in words is an important step in early literacy development. This app contains over 350 picture cards.

Was $29.99 on Sale for $9.99 Target Sound ID – Foundations Developmental House, LLC

Speech-EZ Apraxia Picture Sound Cards Pro (APSC PRO)

Apraxia Picture Sound Cards APSC ProThis is the professional version of the Speech-EZ Apraxia app. This is a system especially designed for treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech(CAS) and severe phonological disorders. It has videos of the speech-ez hand cues. these are a vital part of the program, and I have found work really well with my daughter with Apraxia. It also includes over 775 picture sound cards, 45 phonogram cards and 10 number cards plus an IEP goal bank specific for CAS. You can select cards by CVC, CVCV, compound words, one, two, three or four syllable words. The professional version allows data tracking for multiple students, session by session data tracking and storage and email of results.

Was $299.99 on Sale for $199.99 Apraxia Picture Sound Cards APSC Pro – Foundations Developmental House, LLC

Speech-EZ Apraxia Picture Sound Cards (APSC )

Target Sound IDThis is the parent version of Apraxia Picture sound cards. It is the same as the professional version but you can only track data from 2 children and you can not email data. I use this with my daughter and both myself and her SLP have been amazed by her progress using this system. I will be doing a full review of this soon. This version is not on sale.$179.99 Apraxia Picture Sound Cards APSC – Foundations Developmental House, LLC

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