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Putt Putt Saves the Zoo by Atari – Review

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Putt Putt Saves the Zoo (universal) by Atari who recently acquired Humongous Entertainment, is a children’s strategy game. At the opening day of Cartown Zoo, baby animals are missing and it’s up to Putt Putt the car to save the zoo from a disasterous day. The Zoo consists of four areas, one is a concession area (prior to the entry into the zoo), Artic, Grassland and Jungle with each area providing challenges and clues necessary to advance in the game. In addition to the main game, there is polar ice hockey, painting of Putt Putt and finding hidden animals. This app was great for practicing critical thinking skills, creativity and learning while having fun.

The animation and graphics in this app where phenomenal, I especially liked the part where the app adapted depending on which animal you found last — the storyline would change based on who you found last. I think the Zanzibar the hippo rescue was our favorite because you had to match the various pieces of ice together to make a walkway for him to walk across using the helpful penguins.

I will say that some of the clues were a little difficult to find such as the toolbox, but once we found them it was smooth sailing. For quick tappers, you do ocassionally seen an hourglass until the animation catches up with you. It would be nice also to have a hint page for the parents on where to find each of the tools just in case children get frustrated looking for them. We had the hardest time finding the toolbox which was hidden in one of the columns just inside Grassland.

This is a great game for children preschool age and above to play with their parents. The first time we played it took us a few hours, but as we have played more, we have learned where the various tools are located.

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