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News: Bluebee Pal Toy Creators Spark a Technical Evolution in Toy-Based Learning

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Kayle Concepts announces their new Bluebee Pals Learning App and the latest technical release of their Bluebee Pals, interactive Bluetooth® enabled plush companions. Both represent an evolution in toy-based learning to nurture and engage children in activities important to their healthy growth and development. Bluebee Pal robotic head and mouth plushies retail for $74.99 and are available in six huggable styles—Leo the Lion, Sammy the Bear, Hudson the Dog, Riley the Zebra, Lily the Lamb and Parker the Monkey. Bluebee Pals Learning App is free and compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

The Bluebee Pals Learning App is a robust life skills and cognitive development tool for children ages 3 to 8. When connected to a Bluebee Pal, children can immerse themselves in activities in five life skills’ rooms and play 10 educational mini games. There is a password protected resource library for parents, educators, Occupational Therapists, and Speech and Language Therapists with additional learning app resources and app reviews by iMums and TeachersWithApps (TWA).

Bluebee Pal plushie enhancements include sophisticated robotic head and mouth movements, 4.0 Bluetooth, longer battery life, weight beans, and easy one-step set up.

“We actively involved teachers, parents and therapists from across the country to analyze ways we could make our Bluebee Pals even better learning tools for children,” said Laura Jiencke, Founder and CEO of Kayle Concepts.

“We studied how they were being used in classrooms, as assistive technology tools, and in therapies. We discovered it’s not too much screen time that’s an issue, but the quality of the digital content. Using what we learned, we developed a learning app and upgraded Bluebee Pal technology to enhance classroom learning environments and re-enforce academic learning at home.”

“Our teachers and therapists have reported students are exhibiting increased attention to tasks and increased engagement when Bluebee Pals are incorporated into their activities,” said Punam Desormes, M.A., CC-SLP: Speech-Language Therapist, Princeton House Charter School

Bluebee Pals and the Bluebee Pals Learning App will be in stock and ready for shipment by March 12, 2018. They can be purchased online on Amazon, Walmart, and Target websites and Schoolspecialty.com and Bluebeepals.com.

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For more information, visit bluebeepals.com.


About Kayle Concepts:
Kayle Concepts are the inventors and manufacturers of Bluebee Pals, interactive Bluetooth® enabled, moveable head and mouth, plush companions and the Bluebee Pal Learning App. Compatible with all tablets and laptop computers, they are instrumental in classroom settings and home learning environments. Recipients of twelve educational and parenting awards, Bluebee Pals are a leading assistive technology tool for children with special needs and autism. The company donates thousands of Bluebee Pals each year to schools and nonprofit organizations to help children with learning needs. https://bluebeepals.com/

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