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Math Evolve by Zephyr Games – Review

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Do your children find math boring? I know I did at school. But then there wasn’t action-packed edutainment like Math Evolve around when I was a child! Aimed at the 6+ age group, the universal app Math Evolve by Zephyr Games is an exciting and entertaining way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and keep those mental math skills sharp.

Featuring stunning eye-catching graphics and funky, melodic background music, users solve the sums by flying their evolving creature through 12 levels of equations in 3 different environments. Users can choose from ‘Story Mode’ to experience the action-packed game in all its glory or in ‘Practice Mode’, for training in a more relaxed environment. With the ability to save the users statistics, this makes it easy to show parents/teachers how the user is progressing and which areas require improvement.

Math Evolve is an engaging and fun math learning tool for the kids (and even some adults ahem). There is a free lite version of the app for you to try and you will also find a video demo here.

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