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Magikid Train by Angell Echo – Review & Giveaway

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Magikid Train by Angell Echo is an educational app that trains a child’s visual perception skills and logical thinking through a variety of matching activities that are both interesting and challenging. The games start off easy and become more and more difficult, keeping the child’s interest as they mature and develop better cognitive abilities. You can even up the difficulty level by increasing the speed of the games from slow, normal to fast at any time.

There are 8 groups of games in this app, with each focussing on a different concept. Each group has 8 levels and each of these levels has 3 games. This gives your child a total of 192 matching games to play. He can be matching a single color or a set of colors, matching the basic shapes or recognizing the shapes of objects, completing a series of different patterns (ABAB, AABB, ABBA) or sequence, or even seeking your help with concrete and abstract categorization games. Some games require good visual discrimination which is rather challenging given the limited amount of time.

Your child has to correctly complete a set of 3 games (carried by 3 separate trains) within 100 seconds before he can proceed to the next level. He can also choose to replay the same set of 3 games for more practice and the game is different each time as the position of the items for matching are changed. You can also reset the games once you’ve completed all the 24 games in a group for another round of fun but purposeful play or for another child to play.

The menu in the settings page is available either in English or Chinese but the app itself requires no word nor instructions, all your child needs to do is to drag his choice of answer onto the moving train car. If correct, the train will move off quickly and the next train/game will come next. If incorrect, the dragged item simply moves back to its position and the child needs to quickly drag another item to the train before it moves off or when the train comes round again all within 100 seconds. Positive reinforcements are heard when you complete a level. Otherwise, the child simply starts again. There is a pause button for you to stop the game and return to it if you have to leave for a while. I wish to be able to use this feature to freeze the screen to give my son more time to comprehend what he is required to do especially for the more challenging games.

As I watched my son’s excited eyes following the train moving from right to left and up and down to scan the items presented as answers and trying to find the correct match to the given puzzle on the train, I immediately recognized the wonderful opportunities the app has for training his focus and visual tracking skills. It would be ideal if the trains could go from left to right just like how we would read from left to right…

Overall, this is a well-designed educational app with a strong focus on logical reasoning. Trains are always a hit with young children and with colourful illustrations and fun music background, Magikid Train will delight any child.

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