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Lite Version of Scene & Heard Launched – News

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[prWeb.com] This week, TBoxApps launched a Lite version of their popular education and AAC application for the iPad. Scene & Heard takes a Visual Scene Display approach to augmentative communication. It is a multilingual capable app, where teachers, parents or therapists create interactive communication scenes that can speak a message, play a video or link to a new scene. Visual scene displays are essential for supporting new communication aid users in their early communication and learning.

“We wanted to provide a way for therapists and educators to try out the app. A lite version allows people to explore the flexibility and features of the app in their assessment process” Rebecca Bright, director of Therapy Box explained today.

The lite version of the app provides many of the features of the full application but limits the creation of new scenes to just one and does not permit editing of the example scenes in the library. It does allow for the use of scanning and switch usage, so would help assessing speech pathologists and educators to see how a client accesses and uses the app.

To create a scene with Scene & Heard, simply take a photo and make it interactive. Spoken messages, videos, symbols or a link to a new scene can be added to “hotspots”, or active areas on the photo to create a powerful and motivating communication tool. Scene & Heard can be used as a simple message device, offering an entry level for AAC users, or for teaching the importance of cause and effect. In addition, the application can be used as a multi-scene dynamic system, which allows the incorporation of maps, menus and photos around the house and community, linked in with videos and messages for communicators who rely on or benefit from contextual cues. For example, a person using AAC can use a scene to share their experiences, such as a trip to the dentist, a visit to the museum or playing in the park.

About Therapy Box and TBox Apps:
Therapy Box, a UK based communication technology company opened its doors in 2008, with an aim to provide creative, cool and affordable AAC solutions. TBoxApps Apps, the app division of Therapy Box includes award winning AAC apps, Predictable and Scene & Heard. Founders Rebecca Bright and Swapnil Gadgil bring over a decade of experience and evidence delivering creative, cool and affordable AAC tools. Joining qualifications as a speech and language therapist in the field of adult neurological speech and language therapy, with an extensive background in the telecoms, retailing, and communications technology industry is the power behind TBoxApps apps solutions. In 2011, TBox Apps was awarded an MphasiS Universal Design Award for their AAC apps by The National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP).

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