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KidSafe for iPhone 4/4s TRTLBOT – Review & Giveaway

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The KidSafe for iPhone 4/4s TRTLBOT is an eco-friendly front cover for your precious gadget. TRTLBOT is a California based iPhone and iPad case designer and this case is designed to fit the iPhone 4/4s and there is also an earlier version for the iPhone 3/3GS and is eco-friendly and functional. This case is made from recycled plastic, is BPA free and is made entirely in the United States.

When the case is fitted over the front of the phone, the TRTLBOT logo covers up the home button making it “kid-safe” and my son no matter how many times he tried could not make it work. I had to push really hard on it in order to make it work. The case is extremely light and does not add much weight to my phone overall. The case is attractive and comes in white, black and green – though my son wanted to know why it didn’t come in his favorite color, red. This case is great to ensure your child uses the app you want them to use – without the fight over the home button. I also see it as being very helpful for OT, ST and other therapies to use to ensure the child uses the app they are supposed to be using rather than exiting out.

I wish that this case was a full iPhone case, it only sits on either the front or back of the phone and although it does provide drop protection for the side that the phone lands on, I fear for the other side if it is accidentally dropped.

If you are looking for a eco-friendly case for your iPhone that you are willing to supervise your child with this would be a good one. I loved the fact that it was made of recycled materials and my son and I could talk about what happens when we recycle various objects. When I let my son use my phone in this case, I sat next to him to ensure there were no drops which might break the glass on the back of my new iPhone. Add to that that the case is currently on sale – and a steal at $19.99 you have a great way to ensure your child stays using the apps you want them to use rather than using ones they want to use!

KidSafe for iPhone 4/4s TRTLBOT Review & Giveaway

dotted spacer450 KidSafe for iPhone 4/4s TRTLBOT Review & Giveaway
If you would like to win a KidSafe Cover from TRTLBOT for your iPhone 4/4s, please enter via the widget below. Winners will be emailed and must contact The iMums within 48 hours to claim their prize. This giveaway is open to USA mailing addresses only. Please ensure you have read and understand our Terms & Conditions. Good luck!

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