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Ellison the Elephant by Oceanhouse Media – Review

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Ellison the Elephant by Oceanhouse Media is a universal app featuring the tale of Ellison who wants to make a trumpet sound like his friends and sister. Through the story he discovers that he has a very special talent, one that helps the other elephants dance for joy! Ellison discovers his own voice, a jazzy sound similar to a trumpet which entertains and causes all the other elephants to come running to see who is making such a beautiful noise. Similar to other omBooks, this app features “Read to Me” where the story is narrated and words are highlighted as they are read; “Read it Myself” where you can read the book in it’s traditional format; “Auto Play” which plays like a movie automatically reading (with highlighting) and turning pages.

I really liked this story of trying over and over again until you accomplished what you wanted to do. Ellison is feeling a bit blue that he isn’t like the other elephants when his imaginary friend Weasel tells him to keep trying. Try he does and he starts making beautiful tooting noises to a jazzy tune. The sounds made the book feel more interactive for readers. Be sure to encourage your child to touch the pages to find the hidden sounds.

I would suggest that parent’s explain to their children about imaginary friends as we don’t know that Weasel is an imaginary friend until the end of the story. It might be helpful if he was introduced prior to his first interaction with Ellison in this story as this caused a bit of confusion for my son. If I had to improve anything else, it would be to have a page at the end of the story allowing a child to play Ellison’s song in a “free play” mode.

If you are looking for an app for a child who is trying hard to complete a new task, this might just help them realize that if they keep trying they will succeed! It is a well done app in terms of the narration and graphics with the ability to pan in and look at graphics throughout the story.

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