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Clashot by Depositphotos – Review

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Do you enjoy taking photographs using your iPhone? Do you wish you could make a little bit of money selling them as stock photography? A new app, Clashot by Depositphotos is a mobile app that allows you to take or use photos that you have taken and then you can upload them to a database of stock photography enabling them to be sold to publications or to the general public. The app does require registration and acceptance of the terms and conditions which states that the photographs you upload are your own and not taken from someone else. The app features three options – “wizard” which helps you compile your photos together into a “report” where you can upload several photos of an event or item and then title it, describe it and then categorize it. You can do this with photos of specific events, nature or any types of photos. Other options include “feed” where you can see the photos other have taken, “camera” where you can just take photos using the app, “profile” to see information about yourself and photos you have uploaded.

The app was easy and straightforward to use. I took a few photos using my olloclip lens of nature and tried out the various options in the app. The app asked for permission to view your camera roll – which you can turn on and off as you wish. I also liked that you could have a setting that would allow you to upload photos over wi-fi only which is great for saving your data plan. I also liked seeing the photos that others uploaded and reports that they provided.

Of note, I did have a few issues with the app crashing, but once I installed the update it seemed to work fine. You can also upload photos via the internet as well if you are having trouble with the app. I would also like to see a “tips” section of the app which provides information about the types of pictures that might sell or be best to include in your uploads.

If you enjoy taking photos – and have many trapped on your device, you should consider trying out Clashot and uploading them for others to see and possibly buy.

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