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Bobo Explores Light by Game Collage – Review

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Bobo Explores Light is an iPad app from Seattle based developer Game Collage. It is designed to introduce children from 8-12 years old to a variety of science concepts associated with light.

Bobo is a cute little robot, who takes you through 21 different topics including: lightening, color, space, photosynthesis and refraction. Every topic has interactive experiments and you can touch Bobo’s antennae to activate interactive holograms. On each page there are a number of hidden screens which pull down to give you more information. The app includes sound effects but no narration. It has a really cool contents page where you can turn a wheel which moves a series of cogs to choose any of the topics.

My 8 year old son enjoys science so I expected him to enjoy this app but I was totally blown away by just how much he was learning from it. The app includes over a 100 screens – literally enough to keep him occupied and learning for hours. There are many interesting interactive features: you can fly Bobo’s spaceship through the solar system; create lightening bolts (and attempt to hit poor Bobo with them!) and create a wonderful realistic fireworks display. His verdict was “it’s really fun and I’m learning a lot too”.

One surprising thing I found was that my 4 year old son has also fallen in love with this app. Now at age 4 he can’t read but the interactive elements are so much fun he keeps asking for this app. He loves to navigate the contents section to find his favorite pages. He can easily operate all the interactive elements and he even wants to hear about all the science behind it too. One of his favorites is the photosynthesis section where you can turn a wheel to produce electricity, which powers a light over a tomato plant. This allows tomatoes to grow and ripen then Bobo can pick them.

I really liked this app. It has a huge amount of information in it presented in a way that makes learning about science fun. It is good that it can be used on many levels – you can just read the main screens and play with the experiments, or you can learn in more depth. The only thing I would like to see in a future update is a narration option. That would make it more accessible to children who aren’t yet proficient readers. Highly recommended for ages 6+ (and younger kids who enjoy science may enjoy it too).

strong>Category: Education
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
Cost: AU$5.49 Bobo Explores Light – Game Collage, LLC (220MB)

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