Language Skill Builder – Central Place for the Special Needs ABA Training by Pawel Maczewski


Language skill builder is an straightforward app that helps users develop language skills through short quizes covering a variety of language concepts. It is easy to use and you can create multiple user profiles, each with detailed data collection and reports.


What struck me when I looked at the language concepts targeted in this app is the inclusion of advanced and abstract concepts that are typically not available in apps. The app comes with 11 modules:-


* Receptive Language modules – Shapes (Find the octagon), Colors (Find green), Animals (Find the leopard), Animals by Class (Find an animal), Food (Find the Carrot), Food by Class (Find a Food)
* Yes or No questions (Is this the mirror?)
* Big or Little (Find Big)
* Fact or Opinion (Is this a fact or an opinion? The sun is yellow.)
* Facts Finding (Find a fact. Dogs are better than cats. Football is a sport.)
* Abstract Language: Proverbs


5 more modules – Advanced Facts Finding, Advanced Fact or Opinion, Same or Different, Receptive Numbers and Letters are available as in-app purchases.


What I like about this app is that the number of questions, modules and graphics continue to grow over time, many of these come free with each new update. I understand that there are 2 free modules (receptive toys and receptive toys by class) waiting to be added. 2 more text-based question modules focusing on identifying other people’s emotions, feelings and intentions are also in the pipeline.


Besides the large question bank (600+), the quizzes can also be customized to meet the users’ needs. You can set the number of questions in each round of quiz to 5, 10 or 15, and questions can be presented verbally, in written form or both together. You can also increase the difficulty level by increasing the number of response options (from 2 to 4 or 6) for each quiz question (in non text-based question modules). The questions presented in each quiz round is random and the answer options for each questions are randomised too. With these variables, the combinations available in this app is almost unlimited.

The graphic images used are clear and the screen is not cluttered visually. The learner experience is enhanced with error free learning as well as auditory and visual (star) reinforcements for correct answers. For the adults, data collection and analysis reports help to track the learners’ progress and identify problem areas. These statistics can be viewed in the app or e-mailed.


On the whole, Language Skill Builder is a great app for teaching basic language skills with an expanding question bank to meet your child/student’s growing needs.



Language Skill Builder – Central Place for the Special Needs ABA Training – Pawel Maczewski