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What are Fast Free and Discounted Apps?
These are quality apps from various genres that we have taken the time to find especially for our readers. They are on sale for a limited time only so you’ll need to be Fast if you want them at the reduced price. These apps were free or discounted at the time of publishing this article but are subject to change at any time by the app developers. As prices vary in different country app stores, always check the price before downloading. If you like these apps, be sure to share this post with your friends.


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Milana's Jungle Safari by Melissa Szalai

Price: $FREE

Enjoy playful, childlike fun discovering what jungle animals like to do through interactive pictures, words and a cheeky little song.

Milana was sure she was big enough to go on her own, private.


The Alphabet King by Olderheim

Price: $FREE

The Alphabet King - how the letter sounds got their shapes

Content: 30 stories providing two and a half hours of audio about how shapes are made for the letters sounds by a magical king in .


Math Word Problems - Addition and Subtraction for Second and Third Grade Pro by Tapfun Inc.

Price: $FREE

This app includes a wide variety of addition and subtraction word problems designed for students to read-along, draw and solve. The format & problems were developed in consultation with the American Common.


Sounds for Fun - s, b, m, t, h, c by Rita Vanden Heuvel

Price: $FREE

Your kids can learn letter sounds by singing along with Sharon Hampson (of Sharon, Lois & Bram)! Sounds for Fun helps get children ready to read, using a carefully structured phonics program that matches.


K-5 Spelling by Eweclid Inc.

Price: $FREE

Eweclid K-5 Spelling is an adaptive, personalized educational spelling game designed for use at-school, at-home, and in home-schooling.

Many kids do well on weekly spelling tests, but few .


Frog in the Hole - Interactive Children's Storybook by Eddy the Fox

Price: $FREE

A colourful interactive children's storybook created in 8 different languages with voice narration.

Explore the world of Eddy the Fox as Eddy embarks on fun and exciting adventures meeting .


BabySafari by Incandescent Core, LLC

Price: $FREE

*** Featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy In Education ***

Take your tot on an adventure through the Serengeti plains where they will meet baby animals of Africa and learn the name of each .


Jumble's Magic Tablet HD by

Price: $FREE

This application will help the development of the oculo-manual coordination and abilities of your kids.
Let them to feel like a wizard and use their finger like a wand on the Jumble’s magic tablet.


Fraction Action by Jan Kala

Price: $FREE

It is finally here – the long-awaited math app Fraction action for mobiles and tablets!

Fancy an unusual brain tease? Fancy an interesting way to pass the time while waiting for a bus?


Now You Try by Citrus Suite

Price: $FREE

Now You Try is designed for parents and carers to help improve young children’s life skills.

- Teach your kids the steps required to brush their teeth
- Help your child become more .


Vigilandia by Marinella Lanati

Price: $FREE

learn about road safety the fun way

Road safety education in the classroom

A digital-learning project for primary schools
A project of e-learning in collaboration.


Counting and writing numbers up to 10 - by LudoSchool by Xavier Laplaze

Price: $FREE

This game uses a well-adapted and effective method for learning how to count (enumerate and quantify) and how to write numbers. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and well-developed features, this.


Learn Portuguese Verbs: Practice Verb Conjugations & Tenses with Brainscape lessons by Brainscape

Price: $9.99 USD

Nail the most common verbs on your Portuguese tests and in everyday Portuguese conversation. Drill yourself on Portuguese verbs MORE EFFICIENTLY than with any other app on iTunes. Applying the latest .


Tojo Island - The Magic Lunchbox by Blue Ghost Firefly

Price: $FREE

Tojo Island - The Magic Lunchbox

Watch the video trailer:

How to make a dream come true? How to use creativity to solve a problem? How not to be afraid.


Shark Chum by Andrew Lloyd

Price: $FREE

Shark Chum's innovative gameplay offers a fun and challenging new take on the puzzle game genre.

It's up to you to strategically drop bait or chum in the ocean to keep a roaming shark from.


Run the River by Murray–Darling Basin Authority

Price: $FREE

Water is scarce and needs to be shared around. You must deliver the bubbles of water from the river to the wetlands, farms and communities, whilst keeping the river mouth connected to the ocean. Control.


BeInfinity Allowance by ELCIO NEGRINI

Price: $FREE

Check out how to use it on this video:

Educators say children need since they are small, learn notions of responsibility. This idea comes with a financial control.


COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey by FOX Broadcasting Company

Price: $FREE

More than three decades after the debut of “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,” Carl Sagan’s stunning and iconic exploration of the universe as revealed by science, Seth MacFarlane has teamed with Sagan.


RabbleBrowser by Float Mobile Learning

Price: $FREE

RabbleBrowser is a curated, collaborative Web browsing and file sharing tool to help with learning and sharing in a group setting. RabbleBrowser allows a leader or facilitator to lead a group browsing.


anti-kidnap by Tobias Werner

Price: $0.99 USD

This app is an anti-kidnap system, which is very easy & safe to use - just 1-click !!

The most powerful anti-kidnap app for the iPhone - 100.


Coelho Sabido 1º Ano – Na Cidade dos Balões by Games 4 Kids

Price: $FREE

Saltitando na Cidade dos Balões!

Ajude o Coelho Sabido e Leonardo o leão a resgatar o seu fabuloso Barco dos Sonhos da Cidade dos Balões, onde tudo é macio e saltitante! Ao fazer as atividades.


100 Words to Make You Sound Great by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Price: $FREE

All great communicators know that the right word can make the difference between rousing and losing an audience, between sounding distinguished and sounding dull.

This title showcases one hundred.


Dr. Panda's Supermarket by TribePlay

Price: $0.99 USD

- Winner of the Children's Tech Review Editor's Choice Award!

- #1 Educational app on App Store in 18 countries, including Germany,France,Netherlands,Switzerland and Spain.

- TheiMum.


A Jazzy Day - Music Education Book for Kids by The Melody Book

Price: $1.99 USD

Does your child know what a tenor saxophone looks like or what a guitar sounds like? This top educational app offers your kids a brand new musical learning experience!

Apple's Best app for .


The Human Skeleton by Daydream Education

Price: $1.99 USD

A fun, educational and interactive app that has been specifically designed to help users absorb key information about the human skeleton. Through detailed animations, interactions, quizzes and activities.


iTouchiLearn Life Skills: Autism Visual Schedule, Reward Chart, Behavior, Training by Staytoooned

Price: $4.99 USD

**Special Introductory Offer - 50% OFF Sale**
Is your child anxious when it comes to learning daily schedules and life skills? Do you want to help your child become more independent?