SnapPower Safe Light and USB Charger by SnapPower – Review

What we love…

super easy to install SnapPower Safe Light allows you to childproof and install night lights throughout your house.  Snap Power Charger is a perfect outlet replacement especially if you have a home office where you might need to charge your electronics without having them downstairs

What we’d love to see…

ability to use in a bathroom or kitchen using GFCI


Easy to install child proofing solution that has the benefit of pathway lighting and no covers to lose or cords to lose when charging your cell phone. I love how easy it is to access my outlets now and don’t worry my toddler will see me removing one of the plastic outlet covers and try to do so himself potentially resulting in a hazard.  Simple.  Easy.  A must have product in my home.

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SnapPower Safe Light by SnapPower is an easy to install wall replacement switch that not only childproofs but adds lights so you don’t need to take up one of the outlets with a nightlight.  As a mom of a toddler, I increasingly found myself telling my son “no” when it came to power outlets.  I remember childproofing with my first involved cumbersome outlet covers or the little white outlet covers you would remove just so you could vacuum and then stick back in.  I knew that there had to be a better solution.  At our house, in addition to needing to childproof, many of our outlets had nightlights plugged into at least one of the outlets.  We have some pretty dark corners, especially at the bottom of the stairs.  Other products in the lineup include switch plate covers for light switches
Installation was a snap – it took me more time to go downstairs and turn off the breaker than it did to install each of the three SnapPower Safe Lights.  You simply switch off the power, remove the outlet cover, and then insert the new outlet cover which has metal prongs on each side.  These prongs go inside the outlet and provide power for the LED guidelight at the bottom of the outlet.  Not only are they childproof, but you gain an outlet back and nighttime lighting.  Each outlet contains a sensor which turns the light on and off based on the light conditions or you can set it to high or low, and it costs mere pennies a day to use.  It’s so much brighter than the previous blue nightlights we were using, but not too bright if my older son gets up during the night to use the bathroom.

We also tested the Snap Power Charger, which allows you to convert your outlet to a USB charger, without losing the outlet.  We have a lot of tech in our house – and sometimes our home charging dock is full – or I might just want to plug in my iPhone if it’s running low on battery.  Installation for this was simple as well – the outlet screw provides the connection to power with the power prongs providing power and you simply snap on the cover.

For purposes of the review – I have used both the SnapPower SafeLight and Snap Power USB Charger for over a month – and I honestly love them.  I love that I don’t need to fiddle with plastic outlet covers if I need to do a quick vacuum of the playroom or worry about coming down the stairs in the dark.  When I use the SnapPower SafeLight I simply insert the plug of whatever item I want to use,slide the outlet covers over and am on my way.  When I am done, I unplug and don’t have to worry any longer about putting something else back into the outlet or fiddling with putting the cover back on.

The SnapPower Guidelight and SnapPower USB Charger work on standard outlets – they do not work with GFCI outlets due to the need for a reset button – so you can’t use them in the kitchen or bathrooms.  I would love to see this in the future although I am sure it will require a redesign of some sort.

Overall, this has been a fantastic solution for night time lighting, childproofing and charging for our family.  I love how easy it is to access my outlets now and don’t worry my toddler will see me removing one of the plastic outlet covers and try to do so himself potentially resulting in a hazard.  Simple.  Easy.  A must have product in my home. Items can be purchased directly from SnapPower or via Amazon.

RRP of SnapPower Safe Light is $17.00 USD for a single or 10 for $140 USD.

RRP of the SnapPower USB charger is $20 USD for a single or a three pack for $54 USD.

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Gripcase and GripBase from GripCase USA – Review & Giveaway

Inside view of the Gripcase

What we love…

easy to install and use, easy to clean, fun colors and lightweight and durable

What we’d love to see…

integrated screen protector and a bit more protection for the back of the iPad just in case it lands that way as well as a bag for the case so you can bring the iPad on the go


Lightweight, easy to install, child friendly!

Our Rating


Looking for a lightweight case for your iPad that provides protection, portability, handles and is made of non-toxic materials safe for children?  Meet Gripcase and GripBase  by Gripcase USA this is a protective, lightweight case for your iPad or iPad Mini.  This case allows you to securely click in your iPad using the snug edges to hold it in while providing full access to your ports and allowing you to hold the iPad either via the handles or place it in a secure stand.  The case is made with Eva Foam and is one of the most lightweight and durable cases that I have tested on my iPad.

I performed a drop test on this case with my iPad 2 and it passed with flying colors.  I dropped the iPad from four feet high and it landed safely. I would like to see a screen protector as I do worry that if the iPad lands face down or on it’s back (which mine did not during drop tests) that it could crack the screen or the back.  When I did the drop test it landed on the corner versus the back or the front.

I loved how easy it was to clean the outside of the case with a Clorox wipe (just the case not the iPad) to ensure no germs were passed around but the case by nature is mildew and mold resistant due to the foam.  The case comes in fun colors and the stand makes it easy for you to place your iPad in viewing position to watch a movie, play with an app or just use it!  We preferred to use it without the stand most of the time unless we were watching a movie.

I would also love to see an outer case or bag that you could use with the Gripcase on the Go.  The handles on this case meant it did not fit in my traditional outer cases so I had to improvise a bit and because of that I worried about scratches on the iPad’s screen.  Other than that – I really couldn’t make any other suggestions!

This is a great case if you have a child who uses your iPad and likes to carry it around like my son does.  I feel confident the case will stand up to almost anything  especially if my son year old has anything to do with it.  Great case to protect your iPad from damage, drops both accidental and not so accidental), lightweight and super easy to install.  Came through with flying colors!

Available for purchase at GripCase,  and other retailers.



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