Review of the World Adapter MUV Micro USB Plug and Buzz 2 in 1 Charging Cable from SKROSS


World Adapter MUV Micro USB

Can be used in over 150 countries and accept inout plugs from all these too. Adapter plug plus a dual USB charger.


2A max output so can’t charge smartphone plus an iPad simultaneously at full power

Buzz 2 in 1 Charging Cable

Use for Apple Lightning and Micro USB charging.Lets you know when device fully charged, theft deterrent.


Can’t switch off alarm feature so poor choice for overnight charging



When you travel internationally it is important to have the right tools to charge your smartphone, tablet and accessories whatever corner of the globe you are in. As a frequent traveller I am always on the lookout for products that will make my life easier when traveling and on a recent trip to Europe I tested the World Adapter MUV Micro USB Plug and Buzz 2 in 1 Charging Cable from SKROSS.


World Adapter MUV Micro USB Plug

This adapter plug has slide out prongs of varying shapes and sizes which allow you to use it in over 150 countries! It is very simple to use–just slide out the correct lever when you want to use it, for storage you press the large black button on the side and you can then slide the prongs back safely inside the adapter. The input plug has a variety of different slots so it can accommodate plugs from the same range of countries. As well as acting as a plug adapter it also comes with a 2 port USB charger. This can be used by simply plugging it into the MUV Micro adapter plug. As an added bonus if you are in the UK or Ireland it can also be plugged directly into the wall socket, leaving the MUV Micro adapter plug free to be used for another device. I used this extensively on my recent visit to the UK and Ireland and loved that it did double duty- I had 2 devices charging via the USB charger plugged directly into the wall at the same time as using the adapter for my regular Apple charger. In other countries I could still use the USB charger by plugging it into the adapter. The one downside of the USB charger is that it has a maximum output of 2A- so you can use it to charge 2 smartphones at once or an iPad but it won’t charge a iPhone plus an iPad simultaneously at full power. The MUV Micro USB costs approx $35 and is available from, Amazon and many travel shops.



Buzz 2 in 1 Charging Cable

As someone who travels with both Apple and Android devices,one of my a must have travel accessories is a charging cable that can be used for both. I carry this in my hand luggage or daypack and know I’ll always have the right cable for whatever needs charging, without the need to carry two cables. I’ve used many different brands of dual charging cable but the Buzz 2 in 1 cable has a feature I haven’t seen before – a built-in alarm. This small device puts out a loud alarm anytime that it is plugged in but no charge is flowing through the cable. This gives it 2 practical uses. It lets you know when your device is finished charging- which is useful if you are juggling charging multiple devices with a limited number of chargers. I’m regularly juggling chargers when traveling with 3 kids- each with their own iPad plus my phone, tablet, backup batteries and more. Its other application is as an anti-theft device when charging your phone or tablet in a public place such as a coffee shop or airport terminal- you immediately know if anyone unplugs your device to steal it. This is a useful enough feature that I’m using this cable for charging when I’m out and about back in the USA too. The one downside of the cable is that  it isn’t a good choice for overnight charging, unless you want to be woken in the middle of the night when your device is fully charged! The cable costs approx $40 and is available from, Amazon and many travel shops.Buzz.1


NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.



iPhone 6/6s Resurgence Power Case by Otterbox – Review


What we love…

semi-protective case which charges your iPhone and makes sure you do not have the dreaded low battery or worse dead iPhone

What we’d love to see…

protective screen cover and some sort of rubberized edges to protect it as well as the ability to use a lightening cable instead of micro USB


Semi protective case that ensures you never have the dreaded “dead battery” or “low battery”

Our Rating


The iPhone 6/6s Resurgence Power Case by Otterbox is a semi-protective case that protects from the dreaded dead iPhone.  As my iPhone gets older, the battery life is decreasing a bit.  As much as I try to close apps in the background and conserve battery life, this isn’t always possible for me.  The Resurgence Power Case will give you the “boost” you need to ensure that your phone has a charge for those moments you need it most and don’t have access to power.  You simply slide your iPhone into the cover and make sure to line up the lightening port and you are ready to start using it straight out of the box.  To charge it, you simply tap a button on the back which lights up showing that your device is charging – the LED will show the charge level as you turn it on to charge your device.

I liked the sturdy feeling of the case for the back of my iPhone as well as the ability to charge my phone and prevent the dreaded dead iPhone. I also liked that it would stop charging as my phone got charged even if the battery had extra power left.  I found I could get multiple charges from the case in between my regular charges and it charged quickly.  It also featured an “auto stop” which allowed you to save the charge for later.

In terms of enhancements, I’d like to see a protective screen cover – the case itself is protective for the back of your iPhone but on the front if it drops “wrong” then you could crack your screen. I’d like to perhaps also see a rubberized gasket on the front of your iPhone to help protect it from falls and drops – having two kids who do use my device I made sure to keep my phone in my hands or hand it over a soft surface to help protect it.  I’d also like to see a lightening cable be used to charge the case – right now you have to carry both a lightening and a micro USB cord if you are using the case.

Overall, this case is functional and useful.  I really liked that I could charge my phone on the go without having to carry cables or a alternative power source.  Semi protective case that ensures you never have the dreaded “dead battery” or “low battery” and ensures your phone will work when you need it.

Available from Otterbox and Amazon with prices ranging from $35-$60.


NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.

Commuting Mom Travel Tech by iMum Alison

I regularly commute into the city with my “travel tech” and I thought I would share some of my favorite tech accessories that are always in my backpack other than my laptop and iOS devices.  Being a mom means that I have to have my travel tech packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Some of the products below were provided by companies and if you purchase them our site may earn a small amount.  I picked all of these products based on my personal experience and usage of them over time.

LL Bean Quad Pack

quadI’ve had my LL Bean Quad Pack for several years and it’s stood up very well to the test of time and can hold pretty much anything I need since it includes an integrated laptop sleeve, designated spot for my iPhone, waterbottle and more!  There are a ton of pockets and places to store things – and using my clear bags from Mia Tui makes finding things a snap! RRP $79.99 for the Quad Pack from LL Bean.

Quad Backpack

Griffin Survivor for iPad Mini

Griffin Apple IPad Mini/iPad Mini Retina Griffin Survivor Case, Pink, Black (GB35920-2)I really love the durability that this case provides for my iPad Mini which I frequently slip into my bag to take places with me since it is small and portable.  I don’t have to worry about the screen getting scratched since the case features a protective covering.  I also loved all the color choices (including my favorite pink!) as well as the nice form factor for the case.  My iPad Mini has survived drops, falls, drool and more all while staying protected and no cracks!  For me, this is one piece of “insurance” that is totally worth it!   You can read my full review of the Griffin Survivor for iPad Mini.  Available from Griffin and Amazon for approximately $40 USD.


Mp2301 Performance Mouse by Kensington

MP230L Performance Mouse — Black

My next favorite accessory is my MP2301L Performance Mouse by Kensington.  This wireless mouse feels great in my hand, is small and portable and has great battery life.  One of the best features about it is the ability to track on almost anything – and that it takes standard batteries which are easy to find if they need replacing.  No cables, no cords no fuss! That means I can find a place to sit in the office or at a conference table and still have my mouse no matter where I am!  The reciever fits nicely inside the mouse so you don’t lose it when not in use!  $39 USD RRP. Available from Kensington or Amazon.

LogiTech Wireless Presenter

I also like to bring my Logitech Wireless Presenter as I have spoken at a few meetings recently and it’s so much easier to use a wireless presenter than having to walk over and click on the slide each time I need to move it forward.  One of my favorite things about this presenter is that it has a built in timer which allows me to know if I am spending too little or too much time on a specific slide.  It also has great range which means I can walk around the room while speaker rather than being pinned at a podium or in the front of the room. RRP $55 – 80 USD.  Available from Logitech or Amazon.

Griffin PowerJolt Dual Charger for the car

Griffin PowerJolt Dual Car Charger with Lightning Connector 12 WattSince many of my commutes involve travel time in the car, I also use my Griffin PowerJolt Dual frequently.  This charger includes a lightening connection as well as a second port where you can plug in an micro-usb or any other USB accessible cable.  That means I can charge my phone and tablet at the same time or two smartphones.  RRP $20.00 from Griffin or Amazon.


Mobile Hotspot for Wireless on the Go

JetpackA mobile hot spot is another must have, especially when you are not sure how good your internet access will be.  I sometimes use my iPhone as a hot spot, but really like this Netgear Verizon hotspot as a better alternative and it has great battery life.  I enjoy using my Netgear Hotspot from Verizon since I added it to my wireless plan. Easy to use hot spot that works both inside and outside of the United States, provides great battery life and connectivity for your devices.  You can either pay for the device and add the service on the go or put it on contract   Check out my review of the Verizon Jetpack by Netgear.  RRP without contract is $199 USD and with contract it’s $49.99.  Available from Netgear and Verizon.

Cord Storage and Organization

mia tuiOrganizing all of my cords is a snap with my Mia Tui clear plastic bag/PVC bag.  These bags have a zipper top and make it easy to see everything inside so I don’t lose any small pieces.  They are far more durable than the Ziploc bags I was using, but are not totally waterproof.   I like that I can pull the medium size one out of my backpack and have my laptop cord, cables/plugs and chargers all in one spot.  RRP is $12.50 USD and they are available from Mia Tui.

cableCables!  Griffin Premium Braided Lightening Cable

This cable lives in my tech backpack and it has stood up to being plugged, unplugged, used abused and re-used!  Griffin’s cable is so much stronger than my traditional lightening cables for my iPhone due to the braiding on the cable which means that you won’t need to treat it as delicately! I love that you don’t need to fuss when plugging it in as it resists kinking and is stable so the connectors don’t break. They offer a wide variety of braided cables for iOS and Android. RRP $35 USD. Available from Griffin and Amazon


Pocket Size Bluetooth Keyboard

1byone pocket size mini folding keyboard

If I am attending meetings and I decide not to bring my laptop – this pocket size Bluetooth Keyboard is perfect!  It’s a tri-fold and folds up to about the size of my hand meaning I can easily slip it into my bag and use the keyboard to take notes instead of having to bring along my laptop all the time.  I have it paired to both my iPad and my iPhone 6 and finding keys on it is so much easier than having to use the on screen keyboard.  It lasts a long time too – I’ve used it multiple times and have not had to charge it yet!  The keys are a little bit smaller than a traditional keyboard, but honestly after using it for about ten minutes I didn’t notice it at all!  RRP $36.99 and it’s available at 1by1 and on Amazon.

Tech Armor Portable Power Bank

tech armour

With all of these devices, I’d be lost without a portable power bank to ensure that they had power.  I’ve recently starting using this power bank from Tech Armor and really like how fast it charges my devices with a small size!  I can charge my iPhone (if it dies unexpectedly) or give my iPad a boost so that I can watch a movie on the train.  This works with all devices that use USB chargers, and I’ve passed it around a few times to coworkers and friends whose cell has died. Avoid the dreaded “low power mode” that your iPhone goes into just before shutting off! RRP from Tech Armor and Amazon is  RRP of  $40 USD.


JayBird BlueBuds Headphones

jaybirdOn the train, these headphones are a must since others don’t want to hear my music, my apps or my movies!  JayBird BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Headphones simply put ROCK!  These Bluetooth earbuds pair to a variety of devices without the need for a cord to tether you to your device.  They include a filtering system which allows you to hear the music more clearly and feature playtime up to eight hours which means you can use them all week without having to worry about charging them.  These earbuds charge using a standard micro-USB connector and for those using Apple devices include a icon on screen telling you how much battery is left so you are not left without your earbuds at the wrong moment.  The earbuds fit either in the traditional under-ear which allows you to listen and take calls as well as the over ear which means it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing earbuds.  The package includes three pairs of ear tips as well as ear cushions, a micro-USB cable and a carry case to hold your earbuds and the cords.  Jaybird has introduced an updated version since my original review, but I still use these a lot and they stand up great!  Sold by JayBird and Amazon for RRP of $150 USD.

Apex Fine Point Stylus by Lynktec

apexWhen attending meetings, I love to use my Lynktec Apex stylus, as I can use my iPad Mini and the stylus to take notes instead of having to pull out a pen and paper! I can draw and handwrite my notes which is perfect in a meeting, plus everything is stored in one spot so I don’t have to worry about having the right notebook with me.  You can use it with or without Bluetooth – without it’s mostly for sketching or note taking within specific apps but if you want to jot down notes it’s best to link it to your device.  I loved the fine point and how it learned what I wrote using Notes+.  RRP $50 USD available from Lynktec and Amazon.

Wireless Storage – by Seagate Wireless Plus


Do you have memory woe’s on your devices?  SeaGate Wireless Plus is there to help!  This small drive which is about the size of your hand holds a whopping 1 terabyte of data and works with a variety of devices and smartphones including iOS, Kindle Fire and Android.  It includes the ability to pass through Wi-Fi and you only need to connect your devices to the drive rather than having to connect to Wi-Fi which is especially handy if you are out and about or in a conference room at the office  and don’t want to connect multiple iPads, iPhones or other devices to the drive.  That means you can use your hotspot and not worry about if you are using your laptop, phone or tablet!  Read my full review about this “must have” accessory.  RRP $140 USD for 1TB (other sizes available) Available from Seagate and Amazon

Leitz Mini Bluetooth Speaker

leitz speakerHave you ever tried to do a presentation in a conference room only to find the tinny speakers on your laptop are not loud enough for others to hear?  I stash this small Leitz  Mini Bluetooth Speaker in my backpack for those moments!  You can connect it to your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth and people won’t have to strain their ears to hear sound any longer.  It charges using micro USB and will last up to six hours of complete use.  You can even use it when you are using your smartphone as a speaker without sounding far away! I like it better for work rather than music! Compact design fits into your bag for on the go use!  RRP $35 USD.  Available from Amazon.


These are some of my travel “must-haves”, what are yours? I’d love to hear what products you use when you go to work or on the train.

Note: Some of the products included in this article were supplied by the companies for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received. Some of the posts may include affiliate links Their inclusion was the decision of the author, all opinions stated in the article are those of the author and have been offered honestly.  This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small amount if you purchase the products.

Review of the ALLDOCK 2015 Universal Charging Station by Dittrich Design


What we love…

Elegant design, hides cable clutter, well made,  one handed docking option, fast charging of 4 devices


I really like the design of the walnut ALLDOCK 2015, it is a much more elegant design than most charging stations and and looks good enough to have on display in my living room or on my office desk. It is powerful enough to charge even 4 iPads at once and versatile enough to use with a variety of different devices. The one-handed docking works very well and like how the one-handed docking adapter and Apple Watch mount via hidden magnets

Our Rating


German Design Studio Dittrich Design launched the original ALLDOCK Charging Station via a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, and have recently launched a new and improved version the ALLDOCK 2015 on Kickstarter. I had the opportunity to test out the medium sized ALLDOCK 2015 in walnut and the optional one-handed docking adapter, ALLDOCK micro-USB cables and Apple Watch Mount.

The number of products that charge via USB in my household seems to multiply almost daily so we are constantly charging devices and accessories. Between iPhones, iPads, Kindles, digital cameras and a huge assortment of accessories we are constantly juggling charging stations and wires and often end up with a tangled mess! The ALLDOCK 2015 from aims to change all that with a sleek, elegant design that hides all the cables.


It is in essence a wooden box with a wooden grid on top, and a 4-port charging station hidden beneath the grid. The walnut has a nice grain to it and it is finished well, smooth to the touch with nicely rounded corners and hidden joints. The wooden grid rests on an interior shelf so the top of the grid is flush with the top of the box. The grid simply lifts off to access the charging station underneath if you need to change the cables in use. There are 4 slots in the grid with three cutouts in each slot. Charging cables can be threaded out through any of the slots, additionally the centre slots are designed to fit the “one-handed docking adapters” and the right side slots can fit their Apple Watch Mount ( and appears to be designed so they can add extra mount options in future.)

I tested out the one-handed docking adapter, ALLDOCK micro-USB cables and Apple Watch Mount with the ALLDOCK. Both the one-handed docking adapter and the Apple Watch Mount attach to the charging station via hidden magnets- which keeps them in place without detracting from the sleek look of the charging station. I really love the one- handed docking- it is much easier than fiddling with inserting a cable in a charging port. Having the capability to add the Apple Watch Mount to the charger is a nice feature. The ALLDOCK micro-USB cables are much shorter than regular charging cables so you don’t have any excess wires curled up inside the box. You can use regular cables too but may need to use some type of tie to keep the excess cable tidy.

The 3 front slots are all the same width- approximately 15mm and worked well with my iPhone and Android phones in cases and without, it also fit my iPad Air 2 and iPad mini in fairly slim cases. The rear slot is wider- approximately 19mm and is wide enough to fit my iPad 2 or 3 in a protective case such as the Trident Kracken, the iPad 3 in a Gumdrop case was a snugger fit but did still work and felt stable in the slot. You can also bring charging cables out to the side for items such as headphones or digital cameras that don’t fit in the slots.


The ALLDOCK 2015 has had an upgrade to the charging unit as well compared to the previous model, so that it is more energy efficient. It has 4 charging outlets each capable of delivering up to 5v/2.4A, and the total output is 5v/10A, this means that you can charge 4 high demand devices such as 4 iPads at the same time at full charging speed.



Overall, I really like the design of the walnut ALLDOCK 2015, it is a much more elegant design than most charging stations and and looks good enough to have on display in my living room or on my office desk. It is powerful enough to charge even 4 iPads at once and versatile enough to use with a variety of different devices. The one-handed docking works very well and like how the one-handed docking adapter and Apple Watch mount via hidden magnets. The wood of the case is beautifully finished with a smooth finish, rounded edges and hidden joints. The front slots work well for smartphones or newer tablets such as the iPad Air or mini and will work with the tablet in a case if it isn’t too bulky, the rear slot will fit an iPad 2/3/4 even in a protective case.

  • The ALLDOCK 2015 is available now on Kickstarter and it is a great time to get it at a discount. I would recommend the ALLDOCK 2015 for anyone looking for an elegant, versatile, powerful charging solution for multiple devices, I would also recommend adding on the one-handed docking adapters. The Apple Watch Mount is a nice add on if you have an Apple Watch. You can use your own cables, but getting the short micro USB or lightning cables will make it easier to organize.

NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.