Listening Power Preschool by Hamaguchi Apps- Review + Giveaway

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What we love…

Colorful, engaging, illustrations and animations. Customization options of difficulty levels and presentation of the targets, data tracking

What we’d love to see…

Option to have wrong choices disappear after selection, correct choice visually highlighted after it is chosen, labeling of emoticons.


Listening Power Preschool is a very high-quality app for targeting auditory comprehension skills of preschool children ages 3-6 years.

Our Rating

Listening Power Preschool HDListening Power Preschool by Hamaguchi Apps is an excellent app for developing auditory comprehension of verbal directions and concepts. The developer is a licensed speech-language pathologist and has several other apps which target verbal expression, following directions, and pragmatic skills. We have previously reviewed several of their apps including: Fun with Directions, More Fun with Directions, Talk About It Objects, You’re The Storyteller: The Surprise and Picture the Sentence.
There are five different activities in Listening Power Preschool: descriptions (adjectives i.e. shortest, cold, green), directions (positional concepts i.e. on, out, first), grammar and meaning (pronouns, verb tenses, negation), stories with pictures, and stories without pictures (with following comprehension questions).
The app is easy to use and has highly customizable settings. The ease-of-use is enhanced by a wonderful demo video highlighting the settings and features of the app. Each activity has individual settings for difficulty (easy, intermediate, and advanced) as well as the ability to select number of choices (2, 3, or 4). This ability to customize settings allows for the accommodation of a wide range of skill levels.
Individual users can be tracked and you can even add members to a group while still keeping individualized settings and data tracking for each child. Data for each of the five different activities (i.e. directions vs description) is also tracked separately to give an individualized overview of the child’s progress in each area. These are excellent features for speech therapy sessions. Another nice feature is that the picture choices are not made visible until the question has been presented auditorily. This lessens the visual distractions and helps the child focus on the verbal instructions.

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The app supports errorless learning as only correct choices are reinforced. If a child selects the wrong picture nothing happens, although the data tracking will indicate a wrong choice (data tracking can be visible on the screen or hidden). After the correct choice is selected the target concept is restated which also helps to solidify learning. It may be beneficial to have an option for the wrong choices disappear as they are selected to help narrow down the choices. It would also be nice to have the correct choice consistently highlighted visually after it is chosen to further reinforce understanding of the concept. The app has an option to automatically adjust levels increasing difficulty if the child gets 6 correct responses in a row or decreasing it if they keep making mistakes, this can be switched off in settings.

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In some of the exercises the child is asked to identify how someone was feeling based on an emoticon. For happy and sad these are obvious, but for some of other emotions it can be harder to tell. It would be nice to have these labelled (even in text off mode) so that the adult working with the child can tell them what each emoticon represents if they are unsure.

The app also has a built- in reward system. This is a bubble-popping reinforcement game which can be set to occur at different intervals or turned off altogether.

Overall, this is a very high-quality app for targeting auditory comprehension skills of preschool children ages 3-6 years. It is obvious that much consideration was placed on the customization of difficulty levels and the presentation of the targets themselves. The colorful illustrations and animations are engaging and motivating. Even my two-year-old son was able to attend to the app on the easiest setting although he was still a bit young for the story comprehension tasks. The bubble pop reinforcement game was a big hit with him. As well as being used for Auditory Comprehension there is also a “text on” option which allows the app to be used for reading decoding and comprehension in slightly older children as well.

This app would be particularly useful for speech pathologists who work with preschoolers in groups; but I would also recommend this app for any preschool child needing to work on attention and listening skills which, let’s face it, would include practically all preschoolers.

New app, on sale for BHSM- will be $15.99

Full version iTunes Link Listening Power Preschool HD – Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development

Listening Power Preschool HD Listening Power Preschool HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development

Price: $19.99 USD

Listening Power Preschool HD is the proud recipient of the Academics' Choice Award for Smart Media!

Listening Power Preschool.

Lite version iTunes Link: Listening Power Preschool Lite HD – Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development

Listening Power Preschool Lite Listening Power Preschool Lite by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development

Price: $0.99 USD

Listening Power Preschool HD is the proud recipient of the Academics' Choice Award for Smart Media! (This is the lite version of that app.


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Shari is a married mother of four from Illinois. She works as a speech pathologist in a rehab setting and loves to use apps in therapy. She is a self-proclaimed “Appaholic”- always on the look out for great apps!

Abaquest by Rajnikant Rao – Review


What we love…

Comprehensive curriculum that allows you or your child to practice math skills using an abacus and encourages learning at their own pace

What we’d love to see…

More natural “narration” especially of US English, clicking sound when beads are moved into place on the abacus


Comprehensive learning curriculum designed to teach math to all ages

Our Rating


Abaquest by Ranjnikant Rao is an abacus based learning course designed to teach or enhance fundamental math skills using an Abacus.  The first four levels (A – C) are free allowing you to try the app before purchasing the remaining content via in-app purchase.  The app starts with basic concepts including an introduction to the abacus and then continues through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all using the beads on the abacus to complete the steps.  The app allows for multiple users meaning it can be used in a home school situation as well as in a more traditional classroom.

Using a six step methodology it provides an understanding and then allows you to observe examples, identify errors, guess various expressions, do the physical movement and then challenge yourself with math problems.


The app provides a huge amount of content that will allow you to practice learning basic and more advanced math skills – I enjoyed trying out the harder levels and honing my skills.  There is also a parent dashboard which allows you to see how your child has done as well as allowing them to earn a “certificate” for successfully completing each level.  If your child has trouble with a level, it continues to drill you on the content to ensure that you have learned it prior to moving on to more complex problems.  There are three narrated voices including American English.  The voices within the app are: US English (computer generated), UK English (human narrated) and Indian English. For purposes of the review I used “Lisa” the computer generated US voice to provide narration. The voice can change between levels if you wish – although if you switch you may have Lisa on one level and Emily on another. As a parent, I suggest testing out the voices yourself and then picking one and staying with it for the entire app. My son was confused at times when I was trying out the different voices. I also liked that the app would move as fast or as slow as necessary to ensure that concepts were taught and learned within it.

In terms of enhancements I would also like to see rewards somehow incorporated as my son when using the app at times felt like the “level” was taking a bit too long especially when he was struggling to complete a section. I would also like to see more natural narration of the voices in a future version.

The app contains a parental gate which requires the solving of a math problem to ensure that the parent gets access to the IAP or other parental locked areas.  The gate works well and will not allow your child to “guess” the answer.  The developer is continuing to add new content to the app as well as enhance it providing more educational content.  

This app provides a comprehensive math curriculum designed to teach or enhance math skills for all ages.  I would recommend trying the first four levels (A-D) free first to ensure it is a good fit, and then purchasing the remaining content if it is a good fit for your child/children.  In addition, I would suggest that you work with children first to help them understand the physical abacus before using the app as my son at first had a hard time grasping the concept. As a parent, I also liked the app as it allowed me to “brush up” on my fundamental math skills and encourage my son to continue learning math concepts.


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NOTE: A fee was received to expedite this review to the top of our waiting list but this payment has not influenced the objectivity of the review and all opinions have been offered honestly.

Alison, the American iMum is from Massachusetts. She lives there with her two sons and husband. In their spare time, they enjoy playing outside, enjoying nature and of course testing apps and fantastic products on their devices. My older son loves technology and loves testing out the “latest and newest” apps and tech. I love sharing information about apps and products with others to help them make decisions without feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices.

Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper by Gazoob – Review


What we love…

Entertaining and humorous stories on a variety of topics that hold children’s interest.

What we’d love to see…

Easy access from each comprehension question to the relevant page in the story for a quick reference and pictorial hints or answer options for younger children.


This is the reading program to go to if you are looking for high interest books that build confident and keen readers. Having the books in an app makes them more accessible and interactive to young readers.

Our Rating

If there is one thing that I can never refuse my kids, it’s their frequent requests to buy books to read. With 4 kids with different interests, you can imagine how many books and magazines we have at home! But this is a good problem to have. They love to read and I love to see them read.



One reading program that had significant impact on their reading ability and love for reading is the Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper (RBCK) Series, from the Oxford Reading Tree (UK’s number one reading program). My older kids loved to read them (used in their Kindergarten) when they were younger and now my youngest loves them too. I like that the RBCK series have books that teach reading, encourage imagination and satisfy curiosity. I especially like the stories that bring them to different interesting places (like the Palace, Ice City, a Chinese restaurant) and the Magic Key adventures to the desert, mountain, snowy forest, etc. When I got to know that I can find this series in an app, I was so excited that I asked to review the app.


The RBCK app includes a total of 48 interactive eBooks from the Biff, Chip & Kipper Levels 1-6 Collection. There are 4 First Stories and 4 Phonics eBooks in each level. Each book starts by introducing the words or sounds that kids will learn, and some tips for parents to read together with their children. Then the readers will have to choose between 3 reading modes (Read by Myself, Read to Me and Autoplay). There is read-along text highlighting in the ‘Read to Me’ mode but even in the ‘Read by Myself’ mode, your child can have the app read any word by tapping the word or read a whole sentence by pressing and holding the words. Instructions, questions and speech bubbles can all be read by the app and this allows children to enjoy and learn from the books independently.


Then there are interactive spots which add sound effects to the story and at the end of each book, there are a few comprehension questions to get kids to talk about the story plus a fun interactive activity (e.g. matching games, odd-one-out, maze, spot-the-differences, rhyming games) that is related to the story. Just for fun, readers can also collect objects related to the story from the pages like butterflies, shells, animals and mini monsters. These extra features definitely make the app more accessible and interactive compared to the paper books.


This series bring to schools and homes the best of both reading by sight and reading with phonics approaches with stories and characters that appeal to young readers. Key words are repeated throughout the book and each subsequent levels build upon what has been learnt before.


I own a few wonderful book series but there is something about the RBCK series that is keeping my youngest interested for longer than usual. After watching him read a few of his favorite RBCK books, I realized that it’s the humor and silly things that the adults in the stories do that had him captivated. He frequently seeks out this app to read on his iPod and has read all of the 48 books! This alone is enough reason for me to recommend the RBCK series to anyone who is looking for a high interest, high quality yet affordable reading series that build keen and confident readers. Used in many schools all over the world, it is an effective reading program that you can trust. Check out the video below and download the Free Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Library to enjoy 2 free books right away!!

The complete series of 48 eBooks are on sale at $28.99, down from $64.99 for a limited time. At less than 50 cents per book, this is definitely a bargain you don’t want to miss!


Read with Biff Chip & Kipper. The complete series: All 48 books. – Gazoob

Requirements: Compatible with
Size: 0 MB


Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Library (FREE to download)
Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Level 1 – Getting ready to read. Age 4-5 years
Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Level 2 – Starting to read. Age 4-5 years
Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Level 3 – Becoming a reader. Age 4-5 years
Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Levels 1-3
Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Level 4 – Developing as a reader. Age 5-6 years
Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Level 5 – Building confidence as a reader. Age 5-6 years
Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Level 6 – Reading with confidence. Age 5-6 years
Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Levels 4-6


If you would like to win a promo code for Read with Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Levels 4-6 (24 books), please enter via the widget below. Please ensure you have read and understand our Terms & Conditions. Good luck!

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Grace was working in the fields of early childhood education and staff training before quitting to attend to her 4 children full time. She and her family live in Singapore, which is well known for her highly competitive education system.

In The Wild! Cat in the Hat Learning Library Collection By Oceanhouse Media- Review + Giveaway

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What we love…

comprehensive set of zoology books, educational and entertaining, great set of
features for beginning and experienced readers alike

What we’d love to see…

can’t think of anything to add or change, it’s great!


An outstanding collection of four books that will educate and entertain animal lovers
and budding zoologists.

Our Rating


In The Wild! Learning Library Collection (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)In The Wild is Oceanhouse Media’s newest and best Cat in The Hat Learning Library collection yet! It is a perfect set of four books that will get children excited about zoology, just in time for the new school year.

Safari, So Good! is a brand new book and is currently found exclusively with this collection. Children will take a journey deep in the jungles of Africa to learn more about familiar animals like elephants, cheetahs, rhinos. They will also meet unfamiliar ones that may surprise them like the kudu and the sickle horned sable.

If I Ran the Rainforest is an exciting book where children will discover that there are different kinds of rainforests. They will also learn that rainforests have four levels. They will explore each of those levels in depth from the top down and get to know some of rainforest’s colorful and lively residents. This book also touches briefly on the importance of preservation.

On Beyond Bugs! takes children down to the world of insects. They will learn about all kinds of bugs including those known as pests. They will learn that insects have various defense mechanisms including camouflage, scents, and bright colors. They will also learn about pollination and how bees play an important role in the life of a flower.

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Miles and Miles of Reptiles will get the children up close and personal with crocodiles. alligators, lizards, snakes, and turtles. They will learn that there are more lizards than any other kind of reptile and will probably discover ones they never knew existed before. They will learn a lot of things about reptiles including how to distinguish an alligator from a crocodile.

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All four books provide a wealth of information. Even adults may discover things they never knew before. For example, did you know that cheetah cubs sometimes play soccer with elephant poop? Yes, that got my kids laughing out loud too! The books also introduce new words like transpiration, epiphytes, and chelonians. They even teach how to pronounce these unfamiliar words. They are like science text books, but ten times the fun.

In The Wild includes all of Oceanhouse Media’s fantastic features such as text highlighting, voice recording, and tappable words and objects. It comes with two reading options: read to me and read it myself. Parental controls are provided to keep young children from accessing external links to the web and the App Store.
In The Wild! is easily this summer’s best app release. It is an outstanding collection of books that exemplify a perfect combination of fun and learning. Children will absolutely love it and I am sure the adults will to. I give this my top recommendation.

In The Wild! Learning Library Collection (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat) – Oceanhouse Media


Requirements: Compatible with
Size: 0 MB



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