Giveaway for the ReadyNAS RN102 by NETGEAR – Secure Personal Storage Solution



The ReadyNAS RN102 is a 2 bay NAS that can be used to create your own personal home cloud. It is a great Media server as well as a back up solution for your personal computers and allows you to automatically back up your pictures from your smartphones and tablets . The ReadyNAS allows you to access your files, photos, videos and music from your Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablets and computers on your home wifi network, as well as remotely via your ReadyCloud account. It is very user friendly and easy to set up and use, highly recommended.

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NETGEAR have just announced a major update to the ReadyNAS® operating system (OS 6.2) for its ReadyNAS family of desktop and rack-mount Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. To celebrate they are giving one lucky reader of The iMums a chance to win an ReadyNAS RN102 of their own valued at $229 !

Designed for both home and small- and medium-sized business users, ReadyNAS customers already enjoy an advanced, easy-to-use storage solution for centralizing and accessing digital files such as photos, music, videos and documents. The ReadyNAS now has an industry-leading 5 layers of  data protection for your precious files and pictures. The new ReadyNAS OS offers improvements in data protection, backup, sync, and cloud-based usability. Current users can upgrade ReadyNAS OS 6.2 at no charge.


I recently reviewed the ReadyNAS RN102, you can read my full review here. I have found it a great home Media Server and back up solution.

I am very happy with the ReadyNAS  RN102 and use it daily. It is a great media server for my home – I can back up movies, photos and music and then play them on my Smart TV, computers, Tablets and Smartphones, I love having access to my media library on all these devices without filling up their storage. With the ReadyCloud I can also access my media files when I’m away from home. I like that I am the one storing my files, rather than another company such as Apple for iCloud, plus after the initial outlay they are no monthly storage fees. It also means I can remove some of my media library from my laptop entirely to free up space – very important as my Macbook hard drive was pretty much completely full! It is also a great back up solution for my computer as it is set up with RAID1 so when it is used  for back up it puts a copy of every file on both hard drives, so if one fails my data is still protected. I have found it very user friendly and simple to set up and use, and there is a online forum which is a great source of additional information on how to use it.

READYNAS RN102 is diskless so you do need to add your own internal hard drives to use it, it is available from Amazon and many retailers, RRP $229.99



If you would like to win your own ReadyNAS RN102 by NETGEAR please enter via the Rafflecopter below. Please note the RN102 is diskless so you do need to add your own internal hard drives to use it (more information is in my review), the giveaway is open to the USA only and a valid US shipping address is required. Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize.

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NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.

Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

The iMums Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – With Great Giveaways Too!

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Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones? 2014 is drawing to a close and it is time to start shopping for Christmas Gifts. The iMums have been searching far and wide for gifts that will be a hit with family members of all ages. Which ones are on your wish list this Holiday Season ?

We have picked out some of our favorite products from the past year to share with you including products for the home,and office,  for the young and young at heart, gifts for use on the go, photography picks, and some brand new cases for the iPhone!


Gifts for The Young and Young at Heart

In this section we highlight some cool products that kids and teens will enjoy, but they aren’t just for kids – adults will have just as much fun racing a rally car, enjoying a light and sound show or feeling the soothing effects of playing with sand.

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For the Home and Office

We have a great selection of gift ideas for the home and office. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a pet lover, a home baker,

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Gifts for On-The-Go

We have a great range of on-the-go gift ideas including mobile storage solutions, portable speakers and bags and cases for the avid traveller and those who like to stay closer to home.

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For the Photographer

Whether you prefer to take pictures with your DSLR or iPhone we have some great gift ideas.

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Stocking Stuffers

These are a few of our favorite gift ideas for $30 or less.

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Giveaway for the Perfect Bake
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Enter to win a ReadyNAS RN102
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Enter to win a Minnie Amelie bag from Mia Tui
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Enter to win an Ozobot Smart Robot – Congrats to our Winner Helen W – your prize is on the way!!

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Yantouch Diamond+ 

From November 18 until December 31, 2014, the Diamond+ is $50 off, priced at only $99 (normally $149) from Amazon Yantouch IceDiamond+  when using coupon code YT50DOFF


To celebrate the launch of #OzoGroove, we’re offering 20% off Ozobot Dual Packs when you use the promo code: GROOVY20 Visit to purchase!

Mia Tui

15% off your entire order using the code imums at MiaTuiUSA



Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

News: Pure Imagination Introduces Perfect Bake™, The Patented App-Controlled Smart Baking System That Turns Anyone Into A Master Pastry Chef


VANCOUVER, Wash., Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Pure Imagination, LLC, a leading developer of smart products for the smart home, introduces Perfect Bake™, the patented app-controlled smart baking system that will revolutionize the way people bake at home, turning anyone into a master pastry chef. The heart of the Perfect Bake system is a smart digital scale that connects with an innovative app (Android and iOS compatible) together designed to make baking foolproof and fun, guaranteeing perfectly delicious results every time. It hand-holds the user throughout the entire baking process, from recipe selection, scaling and prep, measuring and adding ingredients, mixing and portioning, to baking and cooling. Perfect Bake is currently available for purchase at Brookstone stores nationwide and online at

“For generations, home baking has been the same – follow a written recipe using measuring cups and spoons,” said Michael Wallace, partner, Pure Imagination. “With Perfect Bake, we have completely reimagined the way people bake at home for the Internet of Things generation, using technology to remove baking’s complexities and pitfalls. All you have to do is use the smart scale and follow the app. The result? Baking success every time.”

Users simply pour their flour, sugar, vanilla and other ingredients needed directly into the included color-coded mixing bowls. As an ingredient is poured, the virtual bowl on their tablet or smartphone fills up in real-time, showing progress. “Ding!” An audio alert tells the user it’s time to stop. With baking, precise measurement of each ingredient is critical. Measuring by weight is more accurate than measuring by volume, which is why professional pastry chefs weigh their ingredients. Perfect Bake takes this one step further – users no longer even have to measure ingredients, they just pour. This also makes the baking process more efficient and leaves behind less mess. Plus, each ingredient poured is checked-off to prevent one of the most common baking mistakes – forgetting an ingredient.

“Watching the virtual bowl fill up as you pour is pure magic!” said Steve Schwartz, VP Chief Merchandising Officer, Brookstone. “Perfect Bake adds a whole new element of fun to baking and it is easy enough for anyone to use, whether you’re an avid at-home baker, you barely know how to turn on your oven, or you’re a mom or dad baking with young children. Once you bake with Perfect Bake, you will never want to bake any other way again.”

Perfect Bake’s recipes are laid out in user-friendly color-coded blocks that correspond to each of the three included mixing bowls (though, any bowls can be used). When it’s time to switch bowls, the recipe will auto-advance to the next block and a virtual bowl will flash on screen indicating which bowl to place on the scale. When mixing is required, an in-app timer will pop up ensuring the perfect amount of mixing time. Users can easily start and stop timers and move between recipe blocks using the scale’s control pad to avoid dirty fingers on their smart device.

“The Perfect Bake system was designed to meet every baking need and occasion,” said Darin Barri, partner, Pure Imagination. “Only want to make 12 cookies, need the recipe to fit your 6-inch square pan or only have a half a bag of chocolate chips? The app does all of the calculations for you, automatically rescaling the recipe and adjusting the ingredient amounts – math that is complicated for even the best pastry chefs.”

More than 200 savory and sweet recipes are initially available in the Perfect Bake app, including gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan recipes, all developed and tested by a team of Culinary Institute of America (CIA) trained pastry chefs and avid at-home bakers. Categories range from cakes and cupcakes, cookies and brownies, breads and scones to frostings and fillings, as well as no-bake recipes for time-constrained bakers. New recipes will be added continually with each app update.

Other unique features to ensure mouthwatering success include:

The Pantry, users can keep track of what ingredients they have on hand, choosing from more than 400 items cataloged, and search for recipes they can make with just those ingredients. The app will list recipes according to how many of the required ingredients are currently in the pantry, also showing any ingredients that are missing, if any, from a given recipe.

Portion Meter, users place a pan or cookie sheet on the scale and pour the batter or spoon the dough. The portion meter weighs each cookie, cupcake, etc. to ensure the perfect amount. Proper portions are key to guaranteeing everything cooks evenly.

Three timers make it simple to know how long to mix, bake and cool. Users can run the timers concurrently to streamline the baking process when making multiple batches.

How-to Videos, throughout the baking process, users have access to more than 60 original in-app videos showing how to properly perform each baking action.

Recipe Editor, users can enter their own recipes and photos or customize existing recipes.

Perfect Bake includes a digital smart scale, a free downloadable app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play), three color-coded mixing bowls with non-slip bottom surfaces and pouring spouts (microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe), an oven thermometer, 3.5mm cable and a smartphone/tablet stand. The suggested retail price is $69.99.

Perfect Bake is compatible with Apple devices with iOS 6 and higher, and Android devices with OS 4.1 or higher that have a headset jack with a microphone pin. For a complete list of compatible devices, visit

About Pure Imagination
Headquartered in Vancouver, WA, Pure Imagination, LLC specializes in developing and manufacturing unique technology-based products for consumers. Perfect Bake follows the highly successful launch of Perfect Drink, an app-controlled bartending system that makes perfectly proportioned cocktails every time, which was named Cool Product of the Year at the 2014 Oregon Technology Awards. For more information, visit or

Available from Brookstone for $69.99

Alison, the American iMum is from Massachusetts. She lives there with her two sons and husband. In their spare time, they enjoy playing outside, enjoying nature and of course testing apps and fantastic products on their devices. My older son loves technology and loves testing out the “latest and newest” apps and tech. I love sharing information about apps and products with others to help them make decisions without feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices.

Ozobot Miniature Smart Robots – Review and Giveaway

ozobot 1

Ozobots are miniature smart robots than can be used with or without an iPad or Android tablet. They are fun to play with and also teach the basics of programming at the same time. Ozobots use a color based code system – the Ozobot detects color changes and reacts to them, so you can control it via using different colors. I recently had the opportunity to test out an Ozobot dual pack with my kids and we had a lot of fun with them.  The Dual pack comes with 4 skins to customize your Ozobots and 2 charging cables. Ozobot’s recommended age range is 13+, but my 11 year old enjoyed programming and playing with them, and the younger children enjoyed watching us.



Ozobots come with a free iOS or Android app, allowing you to play 3 different types of games with your Ozobot on the iPad. The app also introduces Ozobots color codes so you can learn how to program and control it with color.  A really cool feature is that even if you don’t have access to an iPad or compatible tablet you can still play – Ozobots respond to paper tracks to and you can even draw your own using paper and colored markers.

The first step is to charge up your Ozobot via a mini USB cable (included) which you need to connect to your computer or charger (not included). The Ozobot comes with a quick guide, calibration card and some Ozocards so you can get started quickly. I’d recommend downloading the app too as it gives an easy introduction to using the Ozobot. If you don’t have a tablet you can get started by following the quick start guide in the box, then visiting the Ozobot website where you can learn the full range of color codes (a short list is included in the box to get you started) and download a variety of printables than you can customize by adding codes to.

There are two types of codes: static codes and flash codes. Static codes are basically colored lines – these cause the LEDs in Ozobot to change color to match the line color. Flash codes are rapidly changing combinations of color, they must be placed on a black line to be recognized and allow you to give Ozobot all kinds of instructions. There are 6 flash codes that control speed; 7 for direction including turning, jumping and u-turns; 3 that control the timer; 7 that initiate fancy moves such as spinning or zig-zagging and 3 to indicate an end or finish line.


The app currently has 3 games: OzoDraw, OzoPath and OzoLuck, with plans to add more.


This has 3 sections: FreeDraw, Playground and Challenge.

Challenge is an excellent place to start as it introduces you to the codes step by step as you solve challenges,  so you learn to program the Ozobot as you complete the challenges.


This is a good next step, you pick from a variety of pre-drawn mazes and then customize them by adding your own codes (by dragging and dropping). This gives the player an easy way to experiment with a variety of codes without having to think about the background maze.


After learning about the codes and seeing a variety of different layouts in the previous 2 sections, you can express your creative side and draw your own mazes then add your choice of codes.

iPad Screenshot 5


This is a 1 or 2 player game. Each player has a start and finish tile, the board is divided into blank tiles and the player has to lay down tiles to create a path for their Ozobot to travel from their start to finish. The computer will randomly draw tiles and each tile must be laid down before the player can move on to the next one. Tiles may be rotated before they are laid. Tiles must create a continuous path if they are placed next to another tile and must not create a path leading off the edge of the board.

iPad Screenshot 2


This includes 3 different mazes: Equiibrium, The Vortex and Time Machine. You pick between 2-8 outcomes and then choose from the available mazes. You can enter your own outcomes e.g. players names (with photos), or load one of the preset options e.g. numbers, dice, truth or dare. To add some extra excitement, with both The Vortex and Time Machine, elements of the maze are continually in motion so you can never be sure where the Ozobot will end up. Ozoluck is a fun way to add a new element to party games or family fun nights.

iPad Screenshot 4

 My favorite part about Ozobot is that it can be played with or without the iPad. I think the iPad app is a great starting point where players can learn about all the different things Ozobot can do, get familiar with using the codes and gain inspiration on creating track layouts. Once they are really comfortable with using Ozobot then they can use the markers and pens to create their own layouts limited only by their imagination and the size of their playing surface. Instead of being limited by the size of the screen they can create a playing surface the size of their table or even to run along the floor the length of a room. I love how this is a fun toy, but also teaches the player how to control the Ozobot using color coding, and it grows with the player – the more you use it the more complex your coding can become.


You can see the Ozobot in action here:

Ozobots are available in single or dual packs RRP $49.99 for a single from Brookstone,
Ozobot Smart Robotic Game Piece

Amazon and many other retailers

Ozobot App by Evollve, Inc.

Ozobot Ozobot by Evollve, Inc.

Price: $FREE

Ozobot is an award-winning smart miniature robot that bridges digital and physical gaming. Designed to learn, play and entertain, Ozobot brings a refreshingly new element into solitary play and shines.

NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.






If you would like to win an Ozobot of your own, please enter via the widget below. Winners will be emailed and must contact The iMums within 48 hours to claim their prize. This giveaway is open to USA only, and a valid mailing address is required to claim the prize. Please ensure you have read and understand our Terms & Conditions. Good luck!

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Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

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