Pacca Alpaca by Anamil Tech Limited – Review

What we love…

variety of languages, mini games and ability to understand the different animals.  My son loved the sand paintings

What we’d love to see…

more information about Australia including additional types of animals, history, culture, weather


Overall, this is a fun app which engages children from preschool through early elementary school and could be used as a supplement in education to help children understand Australia compared to their country.

Our Rating

Pacca Alpaca Pacca Alpaca by Anamil Tech Limited is a universal app for iOS designed for preschoolers and early elementary aged children as an Alpaca adventures through Australia.  The app includes words in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Mandarin and allows children to learn a variety of new words as they adventure through the country.  There are a variety of scenes within the app that include: bush, city, beach and as you complete each one you earn a “token” souvenir for the carousel showing you have completed your adventure.

I liked the different areas of the app along with the mini games which included: shapes, counting, color matching, spider shapes, dot painting, colors, BBQ counting, dot painting at more.  Many of the activities were repeated in each of the different scenes just with a twist – for example the Koala counting game was in the bush while the city had a boat building game.  As you went on you helped Pacca take bath’s and stay clean throughout the app by brushing teeth, brushing hair and more.  I used the app to help my son understand that different countries have different animals.    My son loved the dot coloring game because it allowed him to make a unique number of sand paintings and would purposely close the app so he could start over making them again after he had completed them.

In terms of enhancements, it would be nice to “ride” the carousel when you have completed the app rather than just spinning it with your finger.  Also after completing all of the worlds you are just brought back to the main screen with the items – and the carousel flies away. It would be nice to be able to tap on each of the icons or even when you earn the icon to learn more about what it is and why it is important to Australia.  I would also like to see additional animals form Australia including Kangaroos, Dingo, Platapus and more.  It would also be nice to learn a little about each of the settings to provide information about the culture in the city or the beach for example as well as the history and climate of Australia. I grew up with an Australian Queensland Heeler and had been hoping one might make an appearance in the app as well since I had told my son about them and how unique they were in the United States.

Overall, this is a fun app which engages children from preschool through early elementary school and could be used as a supplement in education to help children understand Australia.  Since there are no external links or in-app purchases it is one that children can complete on their own, but would benefit from an adult helping them understand the country as well as trialing the different languages.

Pacca Alpaca

Pacca Alpaca
Pacca Alpaca
by Anamil Tech Limited

Category: Education, Adventure, Games, Family
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone3GS-iPhone-3GS, iPhone4-iPhone4, iPodTouchFourthGen-iPodTouchFourthGen, iPad2Wifi-iPad2Wifi, iPad23G-iPad23G, iPhone4S-iPhone4S, iPadThirdGen-iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G-iPadThirdGen4G, iPhone5-iPhone5, iPodTouchFifthGen-iPodTouchFifthGen, iPadFourthGen-iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G-iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini-iPadMini, iPadMini4G-iPadMini4G, iPhone5c-iPhone5c, iPhone5s-iPhone5s, iPadAir-iPadAir, iPadAirCellular-iPadAirCellular, iPadMiniRetina-iPadMiniRetina, iPadMiniRetinaCellular-iPadMiniRetinaCellular, iPhone6-iPhone6, iPhone6Plus-iPhone6Plus, iPadAir2-iPadAir2, iPadAir2Cellular-iPadAir2Cellular, iPadMini3-iPadMini3, iPadMini3Cellular-iPadMini3Cellular, iPodTouchSixthGen-iPodTouchSixthGen, iPhone6s-iPhone6s, iPhone6sPlus-iPhone6sPlus, iPadMini4-iPadMini4, iPadMini4Cellular-iPadMini4Cellular, iPadPro-iPadPro, iPadProCellular-iPadProCellular, iPadPro97-iPadPro97, iPadPro97Cellular-iPadPro97Cellular, iPhoneSE-iPhoneSE, iPhone7-iPhone7, iPhone7Plus-iPhone7Plus, iPad611-iPad611, iPad612-iPad612, iPad71-iPad71, iPad72-iPad72, iPad73-iPad73, iPad74-iPad74, iPhone8-iPhone8, iPhone8Plus-iPhone8Plus, iPhoneX-iPhoneX, iPad75-iPad75, iPad76-iPad76
Size: 167.06 MB


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Alison, the American iMum is from Massachusetts. She lives there with her two sons and husband. In their spare time, they enjoy playing outside, enjoying nature and of course testing apps and fantastic products on their devices. My older son loves technology and loves testing out the “latest and newest” apps and tech. I love sharing information about apps and products with others to help them make decisions without feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices.

Monki Shake It by Monkimun SL – Review


Monki Shake It is the latest addition to the series of language learning apps from the developer of Monki Birthday Party, Hide & Seek: Fun With Animals and Monki Animal Builder. It has the same focus on following directions, language development and vocabulary building in three languages (English, Spanish and Chinese) but this time the app offers a brand new way of playing – respond to instructions by shaking the iDevice! Your kids will have lots of fun shaking the iDevice while learning! But if you think your kids may get a little too excited that they won’t be able to shake the iDevice purposefully or that the iPad is too heavy for younger hands to manage, get them to respond by tapping or dragging instead, these actions work just as well.

What we love…

Shaking the iDevice to respond gets kids to work on balance and coordination.

What we’d love to see…

Option to see the vocabulary words in print and the sound of each musical instrument.


Another cute language learning app from Monkimun, this time with more activities and targeting more words. Being able to shake the iDevice adds even more excitement to the fun learning games.

Our Rating


Like all the other Monkimun’s apps, Monki Shake It is free to download. The first game is included in the free app and an in-app purchase of $2.99 or an App Store review (based on the free game) unlocks three additional games. These games take place in four different locations – the ocean, the mountains in North Pole, a forest and a desert. In these games, kids are exposed to simple weather terms e.g. sunny, hot, cold and categories of items to collect.

In the free Ocean game, kids have to help the Monkiland animals retrieve the musical instruments (guitar, drums, violin, piano, flute) that have fallen into the sea. They have to pay attention to the instrument that was asked and then tilt the iDevice to move the boat to the left or right in order to pick up the correct instrument.

The objective of the next game at the North Pole Mountains is to help lost baby animals find their mommies. Five different baby animals (polar hare, polar fox, polar bear, penguin, seal) have been dropped to the mountains from a helicopter, plane or hot air balloon. Your kids’ job is to shake the iDevice so that the baby animal will slide off the correct side of the mountain to reach its mommy.

So far, only a simple tilt of the iDevice is needed to play the games. So if your kids have been waiting for a chance to shake the iDevice more vigorously, then they will love to play the Forest game. Here, they have to shake fruits (bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, cherries) off the trees and feed the correct number and type of fruits to the hungry Monkiland friends. As they feed the animals, they learn about the concept of ‘counting down’ and ‘more’.

In the Desert game, the animal friends have lost a toy (train, teddy bear, doll, ball, bicycle) in the labyrinthine pyramid. Kids have to choose the correct toy and then skillfully shake the iDevice to manoeuvre it through the labyrinth to reach the friend.


Each time the five items in a game have been collected, a reward is given and the game ends. These rewards are placed in the Treehouse for kids to play. When all the rewards have been earned, the last game will be unlocked. This is a test of what the kids have learnt in the app and it is probably the most challenging game in this app. Kids have to pilot a plane and navigate it through the Sky, picking up what the animal friends need while avoiding the other items. This requires a more controlled movement of the iDevice, thus helping to develop a better sense of balance and coordination.

There are many educational goals in this app. Besides learning vocabulary words from 6 categories (musical instruments, animals, fruits, toys, weather and transportation), kids also learn about the concept of left and right, counting down and more. They get to practice listening and following instructions and answering questions as well.

I think the novelty of being able to respond by shaking the iDevice makes this app a popular one among the preschoolers but more importantly, I believe the addition of movement will improve the learning experience. Download Monki Shake It for free now and check it out yourself!

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Monki Shake It

Requirements: Compatible with
Size: 0 MB




NOTE: A fee was received to expedite this review to the top of our waiting list but this payment has not influenced the objectivity of the review and all opinions have been offered honestly.

Grace was working in the fields of early childhood education and staff training before quitting to attend to her 4 children full time. She and her family live in Singapore, which is well known for her highly competitive education system.

Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles By Mighty Yeti Studios -Review

iPhone Screenshot 1

What we love…

Unusual characters and story, good graphics, lots of interactive objects

What we’d love to see…

Faster page navigation, word highlighting and tappable words


An interactive book with unusual characters and a silly story that is not only enjoyable but can also be useful in speech therapy.

Our Rating

Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles – An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids HD

Mr Cupcake Has The Sprinkles is the first interactive storybook by Half Moon Bay, California- based Mighty Yeti Studios.  It is a silly yet very creative story about a cupcake who is on his way to a birthday party for a cookie.  As he was leaving his house, he heard a crunching noise.  This noise bothered him so much that he couldn’t leave for the party without investigating who or what was causing it.


The thing that stood out to me in this book is the main character, Mr. Cupcake.  I don’t think I have ever seen a cupcake personified in a book or a cartoon.  He has hair that looks like frosting and puts on sprinkles on his head instead of a hat.  If that wasn’t strange enough, he is also the proud owner of a pink dog.  The strangeness of this character actually drew me into the story as I tried to figure out what he was all about.  As it turns out there are even stranger characters in the story like a purple platypus, a dancing deer wearing wireless earphones, and a blue monkey donning a top hat.  These characters, odd as they may be, are also lovable.

 iPhone Screenshot 3

This book can be very useful in speech therapy settings.  It has the feel of an off the wall cartoon show that kids love and contains words that target specific sounds particularly in the initial position such as /m/ in “mischievous monkey mashing a mango not munching maltballed meatloaf”.  It also doesn’t have, in my opinion, a complete ending, which makes it useful for eliciting language as children can speculate and talk about what Mr Cupcake may do next.  Will he make it to the party?  Will he stay home?  What will he do about his sprinkles?


This book has great graphics and tons of objects to interact with. It has two reading options:  Read To Me and Read It Myself.  It can be read either in English or Spanish.  While it contains URL addresses and images of other Mighty Yeti apps, it has absolutely no clickable external links, making it safe for little kids.  Some things I would like to see in future updates are text highlighting and tappable words.  I would also like to have a faster way of going back to the beginning of the book or navigating to a specific page.  Currently, you have to tap on the thumbnail of a page to get it on the center of the screen and then click go.  While the navigation is not difficult, it does take quite a few clicks to get on a page that is further back or further forward than where you currently are.

 iPhone Screenshot 4

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  If your children enjoy cartoons with strange characters and a whacky off the wall story like Sponge Bob, then they are in for a real treat with Mr Cupcake Has The Sprinkles.


Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles – An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids HD – Mighty Yeti Studios

Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles – An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids HD Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles – An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids HD by Mighty Yeti Studios

Price: $2.99 USD

*** "...A fun storybook app with super silly tongue twisters and lots of interactive images to keep children engaged as they read." -- - 5-star rating
*** Top 5 Apps of the week.


Code Drop Dec 19th 2014 for A Shark Knocked On the Door – An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids – Mighty Yeti Studios 

A Shark Knocked On the Door - An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids A Shark Knocked On the Door - An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids by Mighty Yeti Studios

Price: $2.99 USD


** Experience the fun adventure of a young boy and his grandmother in this exciting and heartfelt interactive rhyming book app!

** Discover over 100+ interactive touch points.

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Back To School Giveaway -Win an iPad Mini or Nexus 7 from iTooch at The iMums!!

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iTooch_BackpackIt’s Back to School time and to celebrate The iMums have teamed up with  iTooch by eduPad  for a fun giveaway. One lucky reader will win their choice of 32GB Nexus 7  tablet or a 16GB iPad Mini!! So whether you are an Apple fan or an Android fan you can get a great tablet for the new school year. If you win which one would you choose? To make the giveaway fun we have a little Spot the Difference competition for you – look at the 2 pictures (below) of iTooch in the classroom and find the 7 differences and you can enter to win.

iTooch make a great range of educational apps and they are available on iOS,  Android and Windows 8 Platforms.  The iTooch line of educational apps have been created by teachers and designed to meet US Common Core Curriculum standards from 1st Grade to 8th Grade. The apps cover Mathematics, Language Arts, Music, Health and Science. We have previously reviewed  iTooch Elementary School  and iTooch Middle School, our student testers found the apps engaging and we were impressed by the large amount of content and the fact that the questions kept changing.


The iTooch apps have had a recent upgrade (since those reviews were written), new features include:

–  A brand new interface: the user experience has been completely redesigned in order to be clearer, more colorful and simpler to use.

– Multiple players: this feature is designed to handle multiple players such as students in the same classroom, siblings or friends.

– Speech synthesis: the most asked for feature is now available on the new version of iTooch apps! This feature will be very helpful to our youngest users who are learning to read as well as to students with special needs.

– Font Size adjustment: thanks to this new feature, users will now be able to adjust font size to their preference.

– and lots of other cool stuff, like an improved blackboard, a scientific calculator, tutorials… as well as lots of new activities.

You can check out their entire range on iTunes here:





You can check out the entire range on The Google PlayStore here


Look at these 2 pictures of iTooch in the classroom and spot the 7 differences.

Picture no.1


Picture no.2

If you get stuck on finding all the differences check back frequently as I will drop hints here every few days to help you find them – one hint per difference!


1) Something is missing from on top of the desk

2) How’s the Weather outside?

3) What is in iTooch’s hand?

4) Look on the floor

5) How many planes??

6) What’s written on the board?

7) What’s drawn on the board ?

There are 2 compulsory entries in this giveaway- 1) correctly spotting the 7 differences and 2) the blog post comment. You can also earn extra entries via giving iTooch and The iMums some Social Media love and via sharing the giveaway. If you do any Facebook entries please like The iMums and iTooch and friend request Mary TheiMum, if you do any Twitter entries please follow TheiMums and iTooch. Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget. Prize will be shipped from USA, winner responsible for any import duties/ taxes.

Be sure to enter all our other great giveaways too!

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