ArtikPix Levels Plus By Expressive Solutions – Review and Giveaway

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What we love…

Variety of levels from word to paragraph, customization options, ability to create own cards, ability to record both audio and video.

What we’d love to see…

Ability to use a cards for multiple target sounds, and to add pre-existing cards to custom decks


ArtikPix Levels Plus is the most comprehensive, flexible, articulation app I have yet come across – highly recommended !

Our Rating

Reviewed by Mary Mahon with input from Suzanne Berhow, SLP

ArtikPix Levels PlusArtikPix Levels is the latest articulation therapy app from Expressive Solutions. ArtikPix Levels Plus is the full version including all decks and features, a free version is also available which just includes the Th deck, with other decks available as in-app purchases. This review is of the full version, which includes almost 1,500 cards in 24 decks: b, ch, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, l-blends, m, n, p, r, r-blends, s, s-blends, sh, t, th, v, w, y, z.  ArtikPix Levels Plus also includes the ability to create your own decks, this is not included in the free version unless you purchase all decks.

The app allows creation of multiple student profiles, each with their own personalized settings, and up to 8 students can play at one time – making it very useful in group therapy settings. It is very customizable – for each student you can choose which decks to work on and you can further customize the decks by e.g. by choosing initial, medial or final, and can even pick which exact words to target. The app allows you to work at word, phrase, sentence or paragraph level, and you can also choose the syllable length (1-4)  of the target words. The best part is ArtikPix Levels remembers the configurations, so you don’t have to repeatedly select them to target your students’ needs.

There are 3 different activities in the app: Flashcards, Pick or Spin and Matching. Flashcards and Pick or Spin both include all 4 levels: word, phrase, sentence & paragraph; the Matching game just includes Word level. In each activity there is the option to record the student’s response and listen to it played back. This recording can be audio only or video and audio. Many articulation apps offer audio recording but this is the first time I have seen video recording included. This can be really useful for letting students see how their tongue and mouth position compares to the SLP or parent working with them for both correct and incorrect sound production. There is also an option to save these videos to the camera roll which can be a great asset in communication between SLPs and parents to show how a child is doing at producing a particular sound or word at home vs in therapy sessions.

Flashcards have color photographs and you can choose to have them narrated, or have the student read the text on the card. The paragraph level is designed to be read by the student so narration is not provided at this level. Within each session you can easily switch between word, phrase, sentence and paragraph levels by tapping on the tabs under the flashcard. The SLP or parent marks each production by tapping a x for incorrect, or check mark for correct, or a P to indicate prompts required. You can skip any cards that you wish and record any that you wish the student to hear &/see their production of.

Matching game has 3 difficulty levels : from 6 cards up to 20 cards, you can choose whether pair matches are removed or stay visible.

Pick or Spin : in this game an electronic machine picks a random card from the students decks, they can choose to say this card or spin again. The player can easily switch between word, phrase, sentence and paragraph levels by pressing buttons. The target e.g “initial l sentence” is displayed on the machine after each spin.


Data recording:

In each activity, you can collect data separated by student and sound group for independent and prompted responses. You can collect prompted data as well (gestural, physical, verbal and visual) and write your own notes. After an activity, students’ data is saved in the app, and you can also easily share via clipboard or email.

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Custom Cards

ArtikPix Levels Plus also includes the ability to create your own cards. I love to have this option in articulation apps, my daughter has Apraxia and so we often have to customize which words she has as targets to work with her unique articulation patterns. With the custom card option I can use the exact word lists her SLP has chosen for her, even if some of those words are not in the app’s included word lists.

I love having the ability to add the student or their family members or pets names when they are working on a sound in those names, as these are important target words for them.

There are 3 ways to create cards: using photos from your camera roll, taking pictures with your device camera and using images from Bing image search (which is similar to Google images). Once you have an image you enter its target sound, syllable length, and enter the word, phrase, sentence and paragraph. You can also record audio for the word, phrase and sentence. The custom decks are available when you are working in all activities so you can choose to work on them alone or in combination with any of the pre-made decks in all activities.


Much as I love the custom deck feature there are a few more features I would love to see added: the ability to integrate newly created cards into the pre-existing decks; ability to use cards for multiple target sounds e.g. to use lamp for both initial l and final p so that you don’t need to create it twice and ability to re-use existing cards in my custom decks.

Overall, this is an excellent articulation app -it is very flexible, allows lots of customization, choice of word, phrase, sentence and paragraph levels, ability to record and playback both audio and video and the ability to create your own custom decks. It is the most comprehensive, flexible, articulation app I have yet come across – highly recommended !

ArtikPix Levels Plus – Expressive Solutions LLC (Full version)

ArtikPix Levels Plus ArtikPix Levels Plus by Expressive Solutions LLC

Price: $29.99 USD

"It's the best app with the most flexibility I have ever used for articulation.” Suzanne Berhow, SLP
“I absolutely adore the app! It is so clean and crisp, full of content and options!” Angie.

ArtikPix Levels – Expressive Solutions LLC (Free version with IAP)

ArtikPix Levels ArtikPix Levels by Expressive Solutions LLC

Price: $FREE

"It's the best app with the most flexibility I have ever used for articulation.” Suzanne Berhow, SLP
“I absolutely adore the app! It is so clean and crisp, full of content and options!” Angie.


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NOTE: A fee was received to expedite this review to the top of our waiting list but this payment has not influenced the objectivity of the review and all opinions have been offered honestly.


Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

Verb Quest by Smarty Ears – Review + Giveaway

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What we love…

Lots of levels, don’t have to complete earlier levels to access higher levels, random presentation option. Recording option which lets students hear the correct grammar skills in their own voice! !

What we’d love to see…

The option to not include questions as correct if the student used a hint.


Overall this is a great app that can be used by many children at different levels who have a difficult time with using the correct verbs in sentences.

Our Rating

Verb Quest from Smarty Ears is a multi player app for working on the correct use of verbs in sentences. It has a magical theme and great graphics, the kids say wow when they see it opening, but they expect it to be more interactive than the app really is.

The SLP, parent or teacher can choose from a variety of different verb types to work on, and can choose to just work on one type presented by level, or on multiple types presented in random order. The student is presented with a picture and a sentence that is missing the verb. At the bottom of the page there are choices that the student moves into the open position in the sentence. If the student is wrong they hear a noise and the word is returned to the bottom of the page, If the word is correct they hear a different sound and the word is made a part of the sentence. Once they have correctly completed the sentence they have the option to record it and play it back.

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Each student is represented by a duck dressed as a witch or wizard and flying on a broomstick. The player whose turn it is has their duck at the top of the page and the other players are listed along the left side of the page. As students get items right their duck moves across the top of the screen. The duck does not move if the student gets an item wrong or uses a hint to get the item right. If the student uses a hint the right word is placed in the sentence and the score changes. (Ex. 4/6 then becomes 5/7). Once 10 exercises are completed correctly without hints the student is given the option to practice more at this level or move to the next level.

iPad Screenshot 5

There are 20 levels: simple present tense, simple past tense, simple future tense (regular), present past and future, irregular present, simple present to be, irregular verbs- past tense, future tense irregular verbs, past tense to be- was/were, past participle- irregular, present/past participle, present and past progressive, modals, negative modals, present perfect regular and irregular, past perfect, future perfect, tense shift 1, tense shift 2 and gerunds infinitives participles.

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Options include: display hint, auto progression, display accuracy, and record correct answer. Also the background picture can be eliminated to have a white background. I prefer the picture background but it could be distracting for some students so this is a nice option.


Progress reports can be reported two ways: 1. Session which shows the date, the level worked on, the settings (hint on/off) and accuracy in %. 2. Level shows level accuracy -/- and either mastered, needs practice or not played for every level. The progress will change with more practice on the same day at the level. I played and had 85% which is mastered, then went back in and achieved 16% needs practice, and third time mastered. These reports can be emailed or opened in different apps including Smarty Ears Therapy Report Center where you can compile data from all Smarty Ears apps on each child on your caseload.

Overall, this is a great app that can be used by many children at different levels who have a difficult time with using verbs correctly in sentences. It will be useful for SLPs, parents and teachers working on English language skills with their students.

Verb Quest – Smarty Ears

Verb Quest
Verb Quest
by Smarty Ears

Category: Education, Games
Requirements: Compatible with iPad2Wifi-iPad2Wifi, iPad23G-iPad23G, iPadThirdGen-iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G-iPadThirdGen4G, iPadFourthGen-iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G-iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini-iPadMini, iPadMini4G-iPadMini4G, iPadAir-iPadAir, iPadAirCellular-iPadAirCellular, iPadMiniRetina-iPadMiniRetina, iPadMiniRetinaCellular-iPadMiniRetinaCellular, iPadAir2-iPadAir2, iPadAir2Cellular-iPadAir2Cellular, iPadMini3-iPadMini3, iPadMini3Cellular-iPadMini3Cellular, iPadMini4-iPadMini4, iPadMini4Cellular-iPadMini4Cellular, iPadPro-iPadPro, iPadProCellular-iPadProCellular, iPadPro97-iPadPro97, iPadPro97Cellular-iPadPro97Cellular, iPad611-iPad611, iPad612-iPad612, iPad71-iPad71, iPad72-iPad72, iPad73-iPad73, iPad74-iPad74
Size: 77.21 MB


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Suzanne is married with one fantastic 12 year old daughter. Suzanne is a school speech language pathologist in the public schools and enjoys her job tremendously. She and her family have recently moved from North Dakota to Texas and are enjoying the wonderful climate change this move has provided. Suzanne has always been the power user of new electronics in her schools and loves to teach others what she has learned. She shares her knowledge of appropriate apps with coworkers and families.

Developer Interview with Emma Mills


Today’s interview is with Emma Mills.  Please visit her website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for participating our interview. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated from university approx 20 years ago with a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Following that I gained a wealth of experience in software engineering and project management, working for companies such as Philips, Nokia and Conexant as well as some startups.
Six years ago, I started my hardest job of all…I gave birth to my son and became a full time mum. I now also have twin girls aged 2.

How did the idea for your app come about?

In September last year, my son started bringing home his weekly spellings. Trying to get him to learn them was like pulling teeth. I decided to play a variation of hangman with him on paper. I would tell him the word and he would spell it. An incorrect letter led to a hangman stage. When he got stuck I gave him a ‘sneaky peek’. He loves the iPad, so I had a look to see if I could find something that would replicate what I had been doing. I found plenty of hangman games and some spelling tests but didn’t find anything that would allow me to record the words vocally and play a game. I decided to see if my brain still worked and develop something myself. Hence the Spelling Hangman app was created, complete with ‘Sneaky Peeks’.

And how long was the process from the original idea to the release of the app?

I started developing Spelling Hangman in Sept 13. I spent a few hours a night once the family had gone to bed. It was completed in January 14.

Did you hire a developer or do it yourself?

As I don’t have a company behind me, all the development and testing was performed by myself. However, my son was able to try it out each week with his new spelling list during its various stages of development and gave me his input and found various bugs. I still have to implement his character request of a skeleton pirate!

What has been the hardest obstacle you have had to overcome in the development process?

The hardest part of the development for me has been the marketing as I have absolutely no experience in this. I have found this very frustrating as Spelling Hangman really solved a problem for my son and I am sure it can help other parents (of boys in particular I expect). There are so many apps out there – it is really hard to get an app discovered. Thank you iMums for being so helpful and responsive!

Have you had much support during the development process (from family, peers, Apple Inc.)?

The coding side itself has been fine due to my experience and the wealth of supporting information available. There are lots of code examples out there and I have found Apple Inc. Developer Forums really useful.

What are your plans for the future? Will you be developing any more apps?

I already have another version of the app out there -‘French Spelling Hangman’. It is a little further behind in terms of releases but should be aligned with ‘Spelling Hangman’ in the Autumn. I would also like to add other modern language variants.

What sort of feedback has your app been receiving so far?

I have received plenty of really useful feedback from reviewers and teachers, including special education and have a number of features to add as a result. In general, all feedback has been very positive.

Thank you so much for talking with us today Emma and sharing a bit about your company.  We really appreciated the chance to get to know you!

Spelling Hangman Spelling Hangman by Emma Mills

Price: $1.99 USD

Designed specifically for those spelling lists from school

Appymall - 'Spelling Hangman is a neat app for practicing spelling lists. Parents or teachers can add their own spelling list for children.

French Spelling Hangman French Spelling Hangman by Emma Mills

Price: $1.99 USD

French Spelling Hangman is a fun and easy way to prepare for school French vocabulary tests.

To create your own tests, enter each of the words in French and record in English. You will then play.

App Friday Promo Code giveaway!

Alison, the American iMum is from Massachusetts. She lives there with her two sons and husband. In their spare time, they enjoy playing outside, enjoying nature and of course testing apps and fantastic products on their devices. My older son loves technology and loves testing out the “latest and newest” apps and tech. I love sharing information about apps and products with others to help them make decisions without feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices.

Back To School Giveaway -Win an iPad Mini or Nexus 7 from iTooch at The iMums!!

shareasimage (18)

iTooch_BackpackIt’s Back to School time and to celebrate The iMums have teamed up with  iTooch by eduPad  for a fun giveaway. One lucky reader will win their choice of 32GB Nexus 7  tablet or a 16GB iPad Mini!! So whether you are an Apple fan or an Android fan you can get a great tablet for the new school year. If you win which one would you choose? To make the giveaway fun we have a little Spot the Difference competition for you – look at the 2 pictures (below) of iTooch in the classroom and find the 7 differences and you can enter to win.

iTooch make a great range of educational apps and they are available on iOS,  Android and Windows 8 Platforms.  The iTooch line of educational apps have been created by teachers and designed to meet US Common Core Curriculum standards from 1st Grade to 8th Grade. The apps cover Mathematics, Language Arts, Music, Health and Science. We have previously reviewed  iTooch Elementary School  and iTooch Middle School, our student testers found the apps engaging and we were impressed by the large amount of content and the fact that the questions kept changing.


The iTooch apps have had a recent upgrade (since those reviews were written), new features include:

–  A brand new interface: the user experience has been completely redesigned in order to be clearer, more colorful and simpler to use.

– Multiple players: this feature is designed to handle multiple players such as students in the same classroom, siblings or friends.

– Speech synthesis: the most asked for feature is now available on the new version of iTooch apps! This feature will be very helpful to our youngest users who are learning to read as well as to students with special needs.

– Font Size adjustment: thanks to this new feature, users will now be able to adjust font size to their preference.

– and lots of other cool stuff, like an improved blackboard, a scientific calculator, tutorials… as well as lots of new activities.

You can check out their entire range on iTunes here:





You can check out the entire range on The Google PlayStore here


Look at these 2 pictures of iTooch in the classroom and spot the 7 differences.

Picture no.1


Picture no.2

If you get stuck on finding all the differences check back frequently as I will drop hints here every few days to help you find them – one hint per difference!


1) Something is missing from on top of the desk

2) How’s the Weather outside?

3) What is in iTooch’s hand?

4) Look on the floor

5) How many planes??

6) What’s written on the board?

7) What’s drawn on the board ?

There are 2 compulsory entries in this giveaway- 1) correctly spotting the 7 differences and 2) the blog post comment. You can also earn extra entries via giving iTooch and The iMums some Social Media love and via sharing the giveaway. If you do any Facebook entries please like The iMums and iTooch and friend request Mary TheiMum, if you do any Twitter entries please follow TheiMums and iTooch. Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget. Prize will be shipped from USA, winner responsible for any import duties/ taxes.

Be sure to enter all our other great giveaways too!

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Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

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