Free Apps – March 23, 2018

What are free apps? Free Apps – March 23, 2018
Fast Free Five is a collection of quality apps from various genres that we have taken the time to find especially for our readers. We have tested the apps mentioned and can recommend them. They are not ‘Lite’ versions, they are full versions that are free for a limited time only so you’ll need to be fast if you want them at the reduced price. These apps are were free at the time of publishing this article but are subject to change at any time. Always check the price before downloading. If you like these apps, be sure to share this post with your friends. Enjoy!

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Free Kindle Books

You can read these books on your iPads, smartphones, tablets and computers using the Free Kindle Reading Apps. Offers vary in different country Amazon stores, please confirm the Kindle Price (not KindleUnlimited price) before downloading.

Bluebee Pals Bluebee Pals by Kayle Concepts LLC

Price: $FREE

Bluebee Pals app is an interactive app which brings your Bluebee Pal to life! No Bluebee Pal is needed to use the app or you can use your own Bluebee Pal. The app features activities of daily living.

Egg Match Game Egg Match Game by Good Neighbor Press, Inc

Price: $0.99 USD

Young learners (ages 3-8) will have a great time developing visual discrimination with this cute and clever matching system! Learning is more fun with an iPad!

Happy Springtime! Developed for your.

Fiete Math Learning for Kids Fiete Math Learning for Kids by Ahoiii Entertainment

Price: $FREE

The math game Fiete Math makes counting easy for kids to understand. Based on the educational approach of Montessori, numbers are touchable objects that your child can group, combine and cut up.


Price: $


Normally $8.99


Requirements: Compatible with
Size: 0 MB



Price: $


Normally $9.99

Avaz FreeSpeech Avaz FreeSpeech by Avaz, Inc.

Price: $FREE

FreeSpeech helps anyone with a language impairment practice and develop grammar skills! Drag and rearrange picture tiles, and FreeSpeech will convert them into a perfectly grammatical English sentence.

Normally $13.99

AAC therapy SET for ADHD & ASD AAC therapy SET for ADHD & ASD by MyFirstApp Ltd.

Price: $13.99 USD

This app includes important activities that help develop cognitive skills, language skills, visual perception skills and fine motor skills among kids aged 2.5 - 7 years. Teachers all over the world are.

Be sure to check out their brand new Moppa Math’s app and watch for a few promo codes!

Moppa Ice Cream Moppa Ice Cream by Jop Wielens

Price: $2.99 USD

Moppa Ice Cream allows kids to express their creativity and expand their imagination by creating bat sprinkled, eyeball topped ice creams which they can feed to 6 bubbly burping monsters.


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