What we love…

easy to install protective case for your device which includes great drop protection.

What we’d love to see…

easier way to clean your device while in the case – particularly the screen


very protective lightweight case which protected my iPad mini from drops

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The ProLOCK Mini: iPad Mini 4 is a case designed by Rug-Ed which includes a tempered-glass screen protector, removable stand and locking fasteners with a tool which ensures that your iPad is not removed from it’s case accidentally.  The case features a handle at the top which allows for easy carrying; is thin and lightweight but protective of your device.  It also includes corner bumpers for drop protection.  The case can be used in a portrait or landscape mode on your device.  The case is tamper-proof and requires the use of a tool (which reminded me of an allen wrench) to lock in your tablet so that kids can not remove it.  Rug-Ed was started in 2012 and originally started by designing iPad cases for the educational environment.  They recently started offering the ProLOCK case for individual consumers to purchase.

As a mom, I do let my kids use my device.  Although I typically don’t worry about my younger child trying to remove the case – I have seen my older son pull the screen off of our Griffin Survivor to try to clean it.  With this case, he can’t remove the iPad without the tool – nor do I want him to.  The case is lightweight – it doesn’t add a lot of bulk or weight to my iPad Mini which generally lives in my bag for on the go usage.  The case itself was easy to install – as was the included screen protector.  You simply laid the case on the table, inserted your device tightened a few screws and within moments it was ready to use.  The screen protector took me a bit more time because I wanted to ensure it was lined up and I didn’t get bubbles in it.  I also liked that the stand was integrated rather than removable as sometimes when they are removed the stand can get lost.  The case provided great drop protection – we dropped it from a height of about four feet – my son lost his grip on it and was holding the side instead of the handle when he went to get into the car.  It fell face down on a tar surface.  There were no bumps or scratches to the iPad and I was able to wipe the dust off the case easily.  The case is easy to hold and is ergonomic for usage especially with the integrated plastic  stand.  There is also a soft cloth cover that can be used as well.  Ports are easy to access both for headphones and the charging cord.  You can also easily access the camera without having to remove anything from the case or anything to uncover.

In terms of improvements – I do like to wipe down my cases for devices on occasion because of germs and multiple kids using them.  I felt comfortable enough taking the outer case off to wipe that down and let it dry, but wiping down the screen was a challenge.  I settled for using a dry cloth to wipe it off.  In addition, I understand why the case does not include a holder for the tool – but I did misplace mine once.  I settled for putting it in a drawer the kids could not access so that I would not lose it in the future since it’s the only way to remove the case.

The case is available for iPad Mini 4 as well as iPad Air, Air 2 or the iPad Pro 9.7.    It is priced from $45 USD (iPad Mini) to $49 USD (iPad Air, Air 2, iPad Pro) and can be purchased directly from RugEd. Overall this is a great protective case which ensures that your iPad investment is safe and kid friendly.  I love that kids can’t remove this case easily on their own!

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