The KIWI P1 laser distance meter is an accurate, easy to use laser management tool which means you can put down your tape measure and get to the fun part of designing your house!  Instead of a complicated laser distance meter with multiple buttons, this easy to use tool which fits in the palm of your hand is an all-in-one product designed to ensure that you can measure and get to the fun rather than having to try from a multitude of angles.  The KIWI P1 has one button which is controlled by a series of presses (long, short, double click or triple click).  It’s small — with and weighs in at 0.15 pounds (68g) and dimensions of 3.94 x 1.38 x 0.71 inches (100 x 38 x 18 mm).  To use the P1, turn it on and direct the laser onto to point whose distance you want to measure. You are instantly given the measurement in real-time using the integrated display.  Tap the power button again to pause the measurement and retain the number in the display while you write it down.

What we love…

easy to use measuring tool which is extremely accurate and fast!

What we’d love to see…

Ability to retain multiple numbers in the display


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I recently decided that I needed to get some bookshelves for our living space, because we love to read as do our kids.  I got out the traditional measuring tape and started measuring.  One of my biggest challenges with the traditional measuring tape is ensuring that it’s on target at the end while trying to hold the tape measure in place.  It’s always a two person process – which with kids can be frustrating since they almost always seem to want my attention the moment I decide to try and measure something.  After doing my measurements — calculating and writing everything down on a sticky pad I decided to repeat the process with the KIWI P1.  Using the measuring tape took about 10 minutes not including the calculation for the molding around my bathroom door.  When I tried the KIWI P1 I had my measurements in under two minutes.  I simply turned it on, clicked in the remote and within seconds had my answer.  I double checked it against the manual measurements that I had just done and they were spot on (in fact perhaps a bit more accurate since I wasn’t juggling both ends of the tape measure at the same time).  I used the KIWI P1 in a variety of spots to measure items like height of a wall, measuring a distance for a shelf as well as my bookcase.  We used it also recently to try to figure out how we can reconfigure a room while still fitting all of our furniture.

In terms of enhancements – I do wish it had a “memory” which allowed you to save more than one number so that I could give up my sticky pad or notes forever!

I loved how portable, easy to use KIWI P1 was and that I could grab it,  measure and go while knowing my measurements were accurate within millimeters.  This product is currently running a funding campaign on Indegogo which can be reached here.

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