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subscription based monthly science kit which teaches kids about the different bodies of the system using a comic book and hands on way to encourage learning

What we’d love to see…

printable content as well as the way to buy “extra” supplies for the kits


Fun interactive way to learn science in both a hands on and adventure format that helps kids engage and learn

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The Know Yourself Science Adventure Kit is a monthly subscription based science box that allows your kids to experiment with science.  I loved the physical nature of the science which took it from “book based learning” to actually completing a science related activity. My eight year old son and I were able to test the Five Senses (first box) and then we also tested the same kit by dumping out the samples we collected with the Cub Scouts.  I am happy to say that both my son and my Cub Scouts enjoyed it so much they did not want to stop playing with science!


For our adventure, we learned about the five senses.  Included in the box was everything that we needed to complete the adventure.  We got a Time Skaters Comic Book, Adventure Guide, five example experiments, stickers, an adventure map, and putty to keep us busy!  We also got an egg shaker, magnifying glass, Invisible Ink Pens for secret messages, as well as a notebook to write our observations.  We also got six adventure vials for science as well as several authentic greek recipes.  When we did the experiment with the Cub Scouts, we simply got new vials for collecting samples and skipped the cooking part.  I also liked that once you finished the kit, there was more learning that could happen – my son and I made it a game for each of us to see something and name which sense would best experience it.  It made it so much fun!  Monthly subscriptions range from $29.99 for a one month subscription to $275 for the full year.  I loved how this kit encouraged my son to get hands on with science and demonstrate his knowledge of science concepts.  I also loved that since it’s a monthly subscription you would get a new kit and a new way to experiment in the future.

I loved the illustrations, comic book and all of the great ways that the kit encouraged my son to do science.  In general, he loves science, but it was fun to see him interact and complete the kit.  I loved that it would teach him a specific skill each month and break down the human body into managable pieces, this would be a great addition to any curriculum or even for a homeschooling family.  I also liked that in addition to teaching science there was a mystery to solve which kept my son engaged as he used his mind to outmaneuver the lions to solve the case!  As a mom, I also loved that I could take what he was learning in school and adapt that so we could do science together.  Learning the five senses can be an abstract concept, but using the adventure series my son enjoyed learning about how he sees (sight), what he smells with his nose (smell), what he can feel (touch), what things taste like (taste) as well as what can he hear.  I loved how we could read the book, go on the adventure and then apply what we had learned in a quick easy manner! #STEM #Science #Learning

In terms of enhancements, I did have to collect my own vials to reuse the kit with my Cub Scouts.  I wish that there were printables or a way to adapt the kits to groups of larger kids rather than just one or two kids.

Overall, my son loved these subscription based science kits and we can’t wait to see what will come next month.  This is a great gift for anyone with kids who may have “everything”.  These kits are all inclusive and include everything that you need to complete the experiments.  These are an amazing investment and a great way to encourage kids to learn.



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