The alarm clock re-booted to support modern consumers’ growing number of devices

SANTA CLARA, California, Thursday, November 19, 2015 – Palo Alto Innovation, an elite group of

designers, engineers, and businessmen who love gadgets, today announced the launch of The

Sandman Clock.

The Sandman Clock re-imagines the classic alarm clock for the twenty-first century. Its contemporary,

neutral design combines intuitive controls with the largest auto-adjustable display of its type, integrated

cable management, and four USB ports to keep multiple consumer devices charged and ready to go.

Until The Sandman Clock, consumers could not purchase an alarm clock with more than two USB

ports plus cable management for under $50. The Sandman Clock addresses consumers’ needs and is

now available for pre-order priced at $29.

“We are focused on developing unique products that make life easier for how consumers use their

products today,” said Alex Tramiel, Founder of Palo Alto Innovation. “The Sandman Clock is an

uncompromised design with a distinctive silhouette that supports the ever-increasing number of

devices consumers rely on.”

With the continued rise in smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, fitness tracker, gaming controller, and

backup battery sales, the average consumer’s nightstand is overwhelmed by the weight and power

requirements of all their devices. As a result, current charging setups are usually a chaotic mess of

cables and devices can miss out on a full charge rendering them useless. The current solutions are

either ineffective or expensive and the problem will worsen as consumers look to connect more

devices with greater power needs. According to Cisco* there will be 2.5 devices including tablets and

smartphones for every person on earth and five devices for every Internet user by 2017.

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*Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2014–2019 White Paper


About Palo Alto Innovation

Founded in March 2015, Palo Alto Innovation focuses on making life easier, one gizmo at a time. The

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