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SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2016, 11:00 ET Keyway Innovations is proud to announce the launch of Qi Aerista, the ultimate WiFi-enabled smart tea maker. Qi Aerista will make the perfect cup of tea in just minutes, whether it’s hot traditional tea, cold-brewed tea, or even exceptionally strong brew tea for your favourite milk tea. Starting today, people can support Qi Aerista on Kickstarter at

“Tea is delicate and when brewed properly, makes a tremendous difference in taste, ” said Rick Ha, Founder and CEO of Keyway Innovations. “That is why we created Qi Aerista to simplify the brewing process for all types of tea. Even someone new to tea can enjoy a perfect cup every time.”

Qi Aerista’s patented circulative infusion system will heat and maintain a consistent water temperature specific to your tea type, then a circulative water flow optimally immerses and steeps the tea leaves with precise time control for optimal infusion. With its unique tea-water separation architecture, Qi Aerista addresses the problems of over or under-steeping of tea faced by today’s tea drinkers.


Qi Aerista includes 6 different preset brewing programs for cold brewing, floral, green, black, oolong, and milk tea. With Qi Aerista’s app, users can access advanced functions such as customizing water temperature and brewing time with per degree/second precision, managing the brewing process remotely, setting reservation timers, and discovering the world of tea.

“Qi Aerista has been showcased at various international tea events in 2016 and we’ve received great support and feedback from the tea community,” noted Karen Wan, co-founder of Keyway Innovations. “After years of developing Qi Aerista to provide an enjoyable tea experience, we can’t wait to bring this unique smart tea maker to tea lovers around the world”.

Qi Aerista is available in two colors for $99 exclusively on Kickstarter during the first 24 hours after launch. It will increase to $149 until the campaign ends on December 14, with worldwide shipping to backers starting in June 2017. Qi Aerista will retail for $239.

About Keyway Innovations:

Founded in 2013, Keyway Innovations is a hardware startup based in Hong Kong, focusing on delivering a quality tea experience to all passionate tea lovers around the world. Founders Rick Ha, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, and Co-founder Karen Wan, CPA and Certified Tea Evaluator, lead the team. With their love for a good cup of tea and years of experience in R&D and financial management, their vision is to bring more tea lovers into the world of tea and reinvent people’s tea experience through simplicity and innovation. For more information on Qi Aerista Smart Tea Maker, visit or email us at

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