What we love…

semi-protective case which charges your iPhone and makes sure you do not have the dreaded low battery or worse dead iPhone

What we’d love to see…

protective screen cover and some sort of rubberized edges to protect it as well as the ability to use a lightening cable instead of micro USB


Semi protective case that ensures you never have the dreaded “dead battery” or “low battery”

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The iPhone 6/6s Resurgence Power Case by Otterbox is a semi-protective case that protects from the dreaded dead iPhone.  As my iPhone gets older, the battery life is decreasing a bit.  As much as I try to close apps in the background and conserve battery life, this isn’t always possible for me.  The Resurgence Power Case will give you the “boost” you need to ensure that your phone has a charge for those moments you need it most and don’t have access to power.  You simply slide your iPhone into the cover and make sure to line up the lightening port and you are ready to start using it straight out of the box.  To charge it, you simply tap a button on the back which lights up showing that your device is charging – the LED will show the charge level as you turn it on to charge your device.

I liked the sturdy feeling of the case for the back of my iPhone as well as the ability to charge my phone and prevent the dreaded dead iPhone. I also liked that it would stop charging as my phone got charged even if the battery had extra power left.  I found I could get multiple charges from the case in between my regular charges and it charged quickly.  It also featured an “auto stop” which allowed you to save the charge for later.

In terms of enhancements, I’d like to see a protective screen cover – the case itself is protective for the back of your iPhone but on the front if it drops “wrong” then you could crack your screen. I’d like to perhaps also see a rubberized gasket on the front of your iPhone to help protect it from falls and drops – having two kids who do use my device I made sure to keep my phone in my hands or hand it over a soft surface to help protect it.  I’d also like to see a lightening cable be used to charge the case – right now you have to carry both a lightening and a micro USB cord if you are using the case.

Overall, this case is functional and useful.  I really liked that I could charge my phone on the go without having to carry cables or a alternative power source.  Semi protective case that ensures you never have the dreaded “dead battery” or “low battery” and ensures your phone will work when you need it.

Available from Otterbox and Amazon with prices ranging from $35-$60.


NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.

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