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Huge range of world geography quizzes

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Even more quizzes, a way for users to suggest future quizzes


Seterra Geography is a fun way for quiz lovers to improve their world geography knowledge.

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Seterra GeographyDo you know where in the world Surinam is ? Can you identify the flag of Laos or the find Chisinau on a map? You can learn all this and 1,000’s more world geography facts with Seterra Geography,  a new iOS app from Swedish developer Marianne Wartoft. It is based on her online and desktop based map quiz that has been in use for nearly 20 years. Designed for ages 8-adult it contains over 100 quizzes covering a wide range of world geography facts. The app allows users to play offline and it records local high scores so you can challenge family and friends.

The app is divided into  two parts- maps and flags. Each of these parts is sub-divided into seven sections- one for each of the six continents (excluding Antarctica) plus world geography. Both maps and flags have a similar format, within the section you pick which quiz to take and decide if you wish to learn the facts or take the quiz.


This includes: North, Central & South American flags, U.S. State flags, Eastern & Western European Flags, African Flags, and Asian Flags. In the “Learn” mode you see a selection of flags from your chosen region, tapping on the flags gives the name of the country the flag belongs to. In “Play” mode you see the same set of flags  in a different order, you are given the name of a country and asked to click on the corresponding flag. If you get it incorrect you will see the name of the country whose flag you touched. You can try again but if you keep getting it wrong the correct flag is highlighted.




Each section has a variety of quizzes based around maps of the region. They include identifying countries in the region, major cities, country Capital Cities ; plus State Capitals for the U.S.A. and Province Capitals for Canada. Some continents are sub-divided to make learning easier e.g. Africa can be studied as a whole or divided into North and South of the Equator or divided into Northern, Eastern, Western, Central and Southern Africa. Some countries in a region have their own more detailed quizzes, but it wasn’t always clear why certain countries were included but others not e.g. Belgian Provinces and Norwegian Counties are separate quizzes, but Irish Counties were not (Ireland doesn’t have any individual quizzes.)

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For each quiz you can first learn the facts by studying a map and tap on an area to see it labelled. You can then take a quiz  where you need to identify that location on a map. If you get it right the area fills in in white, if you have taken more than one try to get it correct it shows as yellow, after multiple incorrect tries the name is shown and when you tap on it the region turns red. At the end of the quiz you are scored as a % based on number of questions answered correctly on the first attempt and your time to complete the quiz is also shown. For each quiz the top 10 scores (locally on that iPad) are recorded, so you can compete to improve your score, or play head to head against family members or friends.

IMG_0548The World

As well as learning about geography of different continents you can also learn world geography facts. Quizzes include: continents, large countries, islands, mountain rages, mountains & volcanoes, oceans, seas & lakes, rivers, the 25 largest cities and latitudes & longitudes. There is also a solar system quiz to name the planets.

North American Geography

The app also contains 13 different quizzes on US. geography plus 4 Canadian quizzes. These include quizzes on identifying the 50 States, their abbreviations, Rivers, Cities, The 13 colonies, Canadian cities, Provinces and territories and Provincial Capitals.


Seterra Geography is a quiz based geography app that lets you learn a wide range of world geography facts and take timed quizzes to test your knowledge of those facts. It is not an app that has lots of interactive features or rewards, so probably will not appeal to young children, but it is a great choice for older children and adults who want to improve their knowledge of geography facts. I would recommend it for ages 10 to adult or for younger children have have a particular interest in geography. It covers a large range of facts from U.S. State flags through world rivers, Chinese Provinces, Norwegian counties and African Capital cities. I can see this app being used in many ways- from students learning specific geography facts for class or exams, for those wishing to brush up on their general knowledge for quizzes, and for adults and kids who enjoy learning and want to improve their world geography knowledge.  It can also make for a fun and challenging geography quiz game at home or in the classroom. I know I certainly learned some new things from playing, and it can be quite addictive trying to improve your scores and perfect your knowledge of a particular topic. I’m proud to say I can now place Djibouti on a map and score a perfect 100% on Eastern African country locations which I certainly couldn’t before! There are still some areas I would like to see more quizzes on- and I’m sure this will vary from user to user. A fun future addition might be to incorporate an option for users to request quizzes they would like to see added in future. The developer could then use this feedback in further expanding the app in future updates. The app contains no adverts, in-app purchases or external links.

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Seterra Geography (full) Seterra Geography (full) by Marianne Wartoft AB

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Seterra Map Quiz - What's Your World Geography IQ?

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