Kekotukos Origins 

What we love…

Colorful engaging characters, videos tying games together, good selection of mini- games

What we’d love to see…

Written parents section talking about the characters, explaining games and scoring; multiple player profiles


Kekotukos Origins is a promising start to a new series for toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarten kids. I will be interested to see more in the series. It works on valuable skills such as visual perception, memory, fine motor and problem solving in a fun, playful way with cute colorful characters

Our Rating

Kekotukos: OriginsKekotukos Origins is the first of a new series of children’s apps starring a little boy named Keko and the Tukos who are friendly aliens from another planet. The app is designed for children 2-6 years old and contains 12 mini games. It is totally kid friendly with no adverts, in app purchases or external links. The app contains no spoken or written language so can be enjoyed by kids of any nationality. The app contains a lively “alien” themed background music and the volume of the music and sound effects can be adjusted or turned off in settings.

Each of the mini games is accompanied by a short animated video which together tell a story about the Tukos visiting Earth and being shown around and introduced to our customs by Keko.The Tukos are cute colorful creatures, each one its own unique shape and color. In the first video the Tukos are on their home planet doing every day activities such as, eating, sleeping and playing.


The child can play the games in order or pick and choose the games they want to play. The videos play every time they play a game but they can press a skip button if they don’t want to watch. The mini-games work on skills such as memory, shape matching, hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. The games adapt their difficulty level depending on how the child is doing and parents can view their progress in the reports section.

The Games

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There are 4 mini games that work on fine motor skills. In a dot-to-dot style game they fly the Tukon spaceship from star to star to map out constellations.The 2nd game of this group has Keko playing his electric guitar and the player needs to play along on the piano by tapping the marked keys. I found this game a little disappointing as tapping the correct key makes no sound, it would be nice for the player to hear themselves playing along.  A fun endless runner style game (that does end!) has Keko out for a run with the Tukos, there are lots of obstacles in his path and the player has to help him avoid them by jumping. In the final mini- game players have to fly the Tukon spaceship through space collecting colored sparkles to fill their tank before they run out of time but they must watch out for the meteors- if they get hit the spacecraft is temporarily disabled and unable to collect sparkles.

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4 mini-games work on visual perception skills. In a shape matching game players help Keko dress the Tukos up by matching the outline of an item of clothing or accessory to the real object. In another game the Tukons are playing hide and seek with Keko and the player must find where each one is hiding, their hiding place will wiggle to give a clue.  Players must think ahead when Keko is out for a walk by choosing the right direction at a series of intersections so he can reach his destination. My favorite game is a spot the difference style game with blueprints. Keko has 2 blueprints which each show a circuit diagram, the player has to tap each spot on the diagram that is different until the 2 match.

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In the first of the games to work on memory and problem solving a Tukos hides in a box which is shuffled with 2 other boxes in the style of the classic 3 cups game, the player has to help Keko find the right box and uncover his Tukon friend. In another game the Tukos are hiding behind trees in a forest and the player must remember which tree hides a particular Tukos. Keko is making lunch for the Tukos in another game and the player must remember increasingly complex food orders. In a memory match game, cards with matching symbols appear on the spaceship dashboard, and the player must find the match. This starts with only 4 cards but the number increases over time.

Overall Impressions

Kekotukos Origins is a promising start to a new series for toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarten kids and I will be interested to see more in the series. It works on valuable skills such as visual perception, memory, fine motor and problem solving in a fun, playful way.  It has a nice variety of mini- games that have replay value and adjust to the child’s level. The videos link the games into a story and the children can enjoy playing them as a story, or play them sandbox style in any order they wish. The characters are cute colorful and engaging. I think the app for the children works well without any language but I would like to see some written information in the parents section explaining more about the games, skills worked on and explaining how progress is measured. As the games do measure progress and adapt to the individual I would like to see multiple player profiles so that it would work well for families with more than one child using it.

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Kekotukos: Origins Kekotukos: Origins by Kekotukos

Price: $FREE

Leave planet Tukon with the Tukos, travel to Earth, and meet Keko! Go on a fun adventure with these charming aliens during their first visit. Help Keko teach them how to live here and go with them on .


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