I am loving the new #connectedhome products that have been coming on the market in the last year. As the technology is maturing I’m coming to expect more from my #connectedhome devices, but I’m not ready to get rid of all my old appliances to replace them with smart appliances.  Zuli iPhone controlled Smartplugs allow you to create a #connectedhome using your regular appliances. Not only can you control and dim lights with Zuli, but you can also control a whole range of other appliances such as your slow cooker, coffee maker, heater or kettle and it integrates with your Nest thermostat. You can schedule your coffee to brew before you get up, or the heater to go on before you get home.

Set up is simple, you plug in the Zuli Smart Plugs and connect them one at a time using a free smartphone app. As you set them up you can label which room they are in your house and name the plugs (important so you don’t accidentally brew coffee when you want to switch on the light!) To control the plugs you can view them room by room or see all the house’s plugs at once (you can also set up multiple locations e.g. if you have Zuli both at home and at the office.) During setup you mark whether the plug is being used for a dimmable light, non-dimmable light or appliance, if it is a dimmable light you can adjust the brightness via the app otherwise you can switch on and off via the app.

One feature that I love is the ability to schedule plugs to turn on and off at chosen times. This is great for security when you are on vacation, but also useful for everyday living. In the cold winter months I like to have an electric blanket warm up my bed before bedtime but rarely remember to switch it on ahead of time- with the Zuli I can schedule it to switch on 1/2 hour before my regular bedtime and switch off before I’m due to wake up. I can also schedule it so that when I get up in the morning my coffee is brewed and waiting!

features-schedule-2Another cool feature is “presence” which, if you have at least 3 Zuli Smartplugs, allows Zuli it to sense your presence in a room and automatically adjust your connected devices to your preferences. This is cool to watch but more practical for someone living on their own than for a busy family where multiple people are using the room other than the person whose smartphone is controlling the Zuli. Like all GPS enabled apps your smartphone battery will drain much more quickly if you have the location feature on.

Overall, Zuli smartplugs are a great addition to the #connectedhome and I especially love their scheduling feature. Available from: Amazon or Zuli.com Price: $159.99 for Presence 3- pack or $59.99 for single smart plug.


NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.



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