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the beautiful story, illustrations and animations.

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no changes .


We love everything about this beautiful, interactive, kids book app which brings the concept of shadows to life in a fun way.

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My Naughty Shadow - Interactive Children's BookMy Naughty Shadow by GOOD KNIGHT STUDIOS PTY LTD is an interactive story book designed for children aged 2 to 5. You can read more about it in our Developer Interview with Xander Black of Good Knight Studios.

A shadow can either be a fun or scary concept for children to understand. This story book addresses the concept with a cute story filled with beautiful illustrations, animations, a spooky but yet fitting narration and soundtrack.

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My daughter loves this story book and hasn’t stopped playing it and saying ‘naughty shadow’. Even though she somewhat understood the concept of shadows before, this app has definitely clarified things for her with the different pages of the book talking about the shadow during the day and night and in different settings.

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She really enjoyed the cute story of the little girl and her shadow especially how she was able to move the little girl’s shadow up and down stairs and click on objects to change the direction of the shadow.

We liked everything about this cute story book which has been beautifully designed, illustrated and animated, that’s why we couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

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This app is very easy for little ones to use, the short text makes it ideal and the straightforward hint icon of the hand and the back and forth page arrows make it easy for little ones to navigate.

There are no in-app purchases or adds, just a menu with the options to stop the narrator’s voice, the music or adjust the volume of both as well as restart the story from the beginning and hide/show hints of what objects to touch throughout the story to change things around.

Overall, we highly recommend this beautiful story book and cannot wait for the developer’s next story book.


iTunes Link: My Naughty Shadow – Interactive Children’s Book – GOOD KNIGHT STUDIOS PTY LTD

My Naughty Shadow - Interactive Children's Book My Naughty Shadow - Interactive Children's Book by GOOD KNIGHT STUDIOS PTY LTD

Price: $1.99 USD

Over 35,000 downloads from the App store.

Rated in the Top 6 kids book apps by Flying start kids/Mums Delivery.

Winner in the Family category - App Design Awards 2015.

Winner in the.

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