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progressive math instruction, great graphics,
multi-user capability
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customized passing scores for skill tests


An app that teaches basic addition that begins with simple counting and ends with adding on using touch points (fingers).

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TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition 1TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition 1 by Innovative Learning Concepts, Inc, is a great app for teaching beginning addition.  It begins with a tutorial that shows children how to touch count with numbers.  Each number has invisible touch points that children use to help with learning and memorizing their addition facts.  According to the developers, “by placing TouchPoints on the numbers 1–9, students quickly learned by touching and counting, and seamlessly translated this skill to addition, subtraction, and higher math concepts — providing clarity and making math concrete.”

After a brief lesson on touch counting, children move on to the Skills Practice section where they learn and practice math concepts progressively.  It begins with counting objects from 1 to 20.   Second is number sequencing where children are asked to fill in the missing numbers in order.  Third is simple addition with objects.  Fourth is addition with object touch points.  Fifth is addition with touch points.  This is similar to the fourth step, except that instead of using objects to represent touch points, it uses the dots and circles.  Sixth is practice in comparing numbers using greater than, less than, and equal signs.  This is an important skill to master since the final step is counting-on addition with touch points.  In this step, children will say the greater number out loud and then count-on to the smaller number using touch points.

jungleadd1-introOnce children get the hang of the various math skills, they are ready to go adon the adventure mode where they go an adventure to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a treasure hunter.  The adventure consists of seven chapters corresponding to the seven skill practice sections.  In order to advance through the adventure, children must take a skill test and get a minimum score  of 70%.  They then play the reward level which is essentially playing the adventure itself, where children answer math questions relating to the chapter skill test they just took to cross a river, climb a mountain, etc.  One thing I would like to see added to the adventure mode is the option to change or customize the passing score for the skill test. I personally would like my child to have a minimum score of 90% before playing the reward level.

The app can be customized to each child.  You can set the number of problems, which skills to practice, and the order in which the questions are presented (sequential or random).  This settings apply both to the skills practice section and to the skills test in the adventure mode.  It does not affect the reward level in the adventure mode which always has 10 questions.  You can change the settings anytime.

There is a parent and teacher section which employs a child lock.  In order to access this section, adults are asked to type in their birth year.  In this section you will find further information about the developer and the app.  It also contains external links to websites,  social media, and email.

There is also a student sign-in section.  This app can be used by a single user, but it is also designed to be used by multiple users for school and families with multiple children.  To take advantage of the multiple user capability, you need to sign up for an online TouchMath Dashboard account which costs $49/year for up to 40 students, and $10/year for 5 students. With the Dashboard, you can assign usernames and passwords for each student and view detailed progress reports, all via the web.

Overall, I was really impressed with TouchMath Adventures:  Jungle Addition 1.  I find that it is best suited for children who are just beginning to learn counting and basic addition.  However, I would also recommend this to those that already know addition but need help remembering and memorizing addition facts.  It is definitely an app I do not hesitate to recommend.

iMum Alison says – This is “the app” that helped my son master the fundamentals of addition.  It provided a comprehensive look at math and he used the app all year long.  It is well worth the purchase price! It finally turned him on to math!


TouchMath Jungle Addition 1 TouchMath Jungle Addition 1 by Innovative Learning Concepts, Inc.

Price: $9.99 USD

TouchMath Jungle Addition isn't just another math game app, it's an award-winning math curriculum used by schools for 40 years. There are 7 complete chapters of interactive skill practice, followed by.


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