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easy to use protection for my online life which means that items with viruses don’t get downloaded to my computer by mistake.  Online backup keeps my photos safe and the app for iOS also secures all of my devices


Easy to use, keeps my computer safe and ensures that hackers can’t get into my computer with a satisfaction guarantee!

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Norton Mobile Security – Lost Phone FinderHow many times have you turned on your laptop or desktop and been casually browsing the web – when you download something only to realize that it was a virus or even worse it crashes your computer?  I like many other Moms have a significant digital life which includes using social media, paying my bills online, sharing pictures and news with friends and family via email, online shopping as well as children who use the internet as well.  All of those things make me a great target from a hacker’s perspective.  With Norton Security there is a dashboard that pops up every time I open up my computer so I can check to see that everything is secure.  In the image above, the backup needs to be done, so it does show an “at risk” but once you schedule it everything will show up in the green protected mode.


True story – I had a PC with Norton on it and let it lapse because “I didn’t think it could happen to me”.  I was new to high speed internet at the time – using high speed cable and thought that I would be okay just for a month or so until I could renew my protection.  Turns out that was a bad mistake.  Hackers somehow got inside my computer and I lost many photos on my computer which I had unfortunately not backed up and the worst part was that I had to replace my computer since the hard drive couldn’t be salvaged.  I learned my lesson and now, I make sure I have up to date anti-virus software with Norton installed on my computers and devices at all times including my iPhone and my husband’s Android phone.  You can protect up to ten devices using one subscription which will cover your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops all with one login and password.

One of my favorite features for the mobile version is the ability to remotely wipe your device as well as track it – something I can easily do from my desktop computer.   I also get a monthly security report which shows all of the things that I was protected from in my online activities which includes protection in scanning downloads, cleaning up of my computer, use of wireless hotspots and more.  This report helps me know that my devices are safe and secure no matter where I am.

One other reason I really like Norton Security is the ability to use the automated backup feature which provides online storage for all of my pictures, projects including upcoming blog posts and financial documents like backup copies of my bills are all saved – safe and secure not only on my hard drive but in the cloud.  I can use up to 25 gigabytes of storage space as part of my subscription.  This peace of mind for me is worth the cost of the software so I know that no matter what my pictures won’t disappear.  I also really like that there is a guaranteed protection, which means that if I do download something and Norton scans it and tells me it’s okay but I still get a virus they will fix my computer at no cost.  That’s awesome because although I do scan everything I do worry about the “what if” especially after having my computer crash on me.

As a practical note, I generally try to avoid doing important business on my laptop, tablet or smartphone when using a hotspot.  I generally will not do online banking or shopping via a hotspot as I don’t want to take a chance that my information won’t be encrypted.

NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.



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