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What we love…

simple, entertaining, and challenging; beautiful fonts, no in-app purchases or external links

What we’d love to see…

a back button on play mode sub menus, multi-user capability


A challenging yet very entertaining typographical puzzle game for all ages

Our Rating

Curious LettersCurious Letters is a fun typographical puzzle by Curious Hat. In this game, alphanumeric characters are piled up on top of each other. Players must correctly guess which letters and numbers are on the pile and remove them all to win.

There are three game modes. The first one, Fade Away, is the only mode available to play when you first start the game. In Fade Away, letters disappear as players correctly identify them. This is the easiest mode of play because you can take your time to look carefully at the pile and once a letter or number fades away you can clearly see what others are left behind.

iPhone Screenshot 5I am not sure what the criteria is to unlock the next two modes, but they unlocked for me after I reached level 20 on Fade Away. The other two modes are called They Come Back and Race Against Time. In They Come Back, alphanumeric characters disappear when correctly identified, but reappear again after a few seconds, obscuring your view of the remaining characters. Race Against Time is the most difficult mode of play. In this mode, players must finish identifying all the characters correctly before time runs out. What makes this mode even more challenging is that letters do not completely disappear when identified. They simply fade into a lighter shade, so the more letters there are on the pile, the harder it is to see and correctly figure them all out.



iPhone Screenshot 1Curious Letters includes 30 beautiful fonts. There are three readily available in the beginning. A new font is unlocked after repeatedly beating your highest score three times in a row. Currently, you can unlock only 7 fonts. The remaining fonts will be available to unlock on the next update

There are a couple things I would also like to see in future updates. I would like to have a back button on the sub menu (after a game mode is chosen) so that if players change their mind, they can easily go back to the main menu and choose a different game mode. I would also like to be able to create player accounts so that children with multiple siblings can play their own game and perhaps challenge each other to beat their scores.

My children and I really enjoyed this game and continue to play it even after already successfully unlocking all currently available fonts. It contains no external links so it is completely safe for any child to use. I don’t keep a lot of games on my iPhone, but I am definitely keeping this one because it is a great game to play when you need something entertaining to pass the time. If you like puzzles, this is definitely something worth checking out.

Curious Letters – Curious Hat


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