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What we love…

easy to use, fully customizable, comprehensive, plenty of opportunities to elicit speech

What we’d love to see…

easier way to choose questions appropriate for the user’s age in Answering Therapy, ability to add your own custom questions specific to each user


An outstanding language app that develops and improves communicators skills by helping users understand Yes/No and WH Questions.

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Question Therapy 2-in-1: Asking & Answering for Yes/No & Wh Questions2-in-1 Question Therapy, by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd., is a powerful language therapy app that teaches how to ask and answer questions correctly. As its name suggests, it is a combination of 2 apps in 1: Asking Therapy and Answering Therapy. Both apps are comprehensive, easy to use, and fully customizable.

When creating users for both apps, you have the option to specify an email to send results to. You get to choose the gender of the automated voice and the number of trials (questions) per session. You can toggle settings for auto advance and external links. In Answering Therapy you also get to toggle settings for motivating messages and auto reinforcement. You get to select which questions are asked, the order in which they are asked, the type of stimulus used (audio and/or visual), and the default response mode (receptive, expressive, or generator).

Asking Therapy

There are four modes of therapy or play: Investigate, Yes/No Questions, WH Questions, and Question Spinner.

Investigate is the first thing you want to do with your child or client. It teaches WH questions using a 2 step process. First, an incomplete thought is presented and the user chooses a WH question to ask to get more information. Once all the information has been presented, the next step is for the user to match, using drag and drop, the WH question to the related information.

Yes/No Questions and WH Questions encourage users to ask questions by selecting from multiple choices, by putting together a question using words from a generator, or by verbally expressing it. You can toggle between these three options anytime during the session by selecting them from the icons on the top of the screen.

Question Spinner generates a set of words and users are encouraged to come up with as many questions as they can using those words.

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Answer Therapy

There are only two modes: Yes/No Questions and WH Questions.

In Yes/No Questions, users answer questions from simple personal questions (“Is your hair brown?”) and simple noun/verb identification questions (“Is this a boat?”/”Is this crawling?”) to more complex questions with 2 to 4 semantic elements (“Do you play with the computer after you turn it on?”).

In WH Questions, users answer WH questions randomly or sequentially in the following order: What, Who, When, Where, Why, How, How Many/Much/Long/Often, and Whose/Which. They can either answer by choosing the correct one from a list or by expressing it verbally. One of the things I love in Answer Therapy is the personalization option. By filling out a personal survey that asks for information such as the birthdates, names of family members, and number of siblings, the app generates questions specific to the user such as “Is your name [user name]?” You can even specify how names are pronounced by providing a phonetic spelling for the name. The app will display the actual spelling of the name but pronounce the phonetic spelling of it. Having personalized questions is great in keeping the user engaged and makes the session a lot of fun.

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According to the developer, Answer Therapy and Asking Therapy can be used for all ages. However, I found Answer Therapy to be geared mostly for adults. A lot of the questions have an adult theme. There are a few questions appropriate for children, but they are hard to pick out. I tried selecting questions that I thought would be appropriate for my 10 year old son, but I still kept ending up with some questions for adults. I’m sure that over time I would figure out which ones are child appropriate, but I would love an easier way to distinguish them from the adult oriented questions.

A great addition to have for this app would be a way for parents and therapists to write their own questions, specific to the user they are working with. It would definitely make this app even more valuable and helpful to those who need it. I would love to see this on a future update. My son loved working with Question Therapy. It held his attention well and I was able to isolate the WH questions he had the most difficulty with and set target goals for him. The motivating messages that pop on the screen whenever he passed a level was a great encouragement to him. I thought it was great that it took only a few questions to pass a level because it motivated him to keep going until he reached the last question. I also love that there are so many ways to elicit speech with this app, helping my son not only to develop his language skills but also to practice his articulation. If you are the parent of a or work with, a child who struggles with answering or asking questions, this app is a must have. I highly recommend it.

Question Therapy 2-in-1: Asking & Answering for Yes/No & Wh Questions – Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Question Therapy 2-in-1: Asking & Answering for Yes/No & Wh Questions Question Therapy 2-in-1: Asking & Answering for Yes/No & Wh Questions by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Price: $29.99 USD

Two amazing apps in one! Question Therapy 2-in-1 combines Answering Therapy & Asking Therapy in a complete therapy program that saves you money!

"Question Therapy is the answer!" - Teachers with.


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