What we love…

fun adaptation of a classic fairytale complete with puppet characters and hidden mini games

What we’d love to see…

hidden social media links, easier narration for younger children.  Narration available in each of the languages not just English


Overall, this app is a fun twist on a classic and my son really enjoyed playing the mini games rather than engaging with the story.

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The President's New Clothes

The President’s New Clothes  by El Pudu Studios is an adaptation of the classic  Hans Christian Andersen The Emperor’s New Clothes with a few fun twists using puppet characters, hidden mini games and interactive elements on the pages designed to engage children into the story.  The app features narration as well as interactive elements and a mini game on each of the eight pages.

My son and I enjoyed this twist on the fable where the President feels that he needs new clothing and two crooks take advantage of him to make new “non-existent” clothing.  We loved the fun twist that you can flip over your device even you are mid page to create a fun interactive element and games!  I also used it as an opportunity as a parent to explain to my son that being President is about much more than just wearing the latest suits and hairstyles.

In terms of improvements, I would like to see a “simplified” navigation for younger readers that allows them to page through without having to choose the next page.  This feature while it is effective for older readers especially when using the arrows can be a bit confusing to younger ones.  In addition I would also like to see the option to hide the social media buttons on the front page of the book – although they are parental gate protected, it would be nice if the links to Facebook, iTunes app store and more games were somehow hidden so children didn’t know to ask for them rather than having them so prominent on the front page.  I also found on a few pages that the narration would begin before we actually saw the image and the page was still black.  With the mini games they were fun for my older son, but they could be confusing if you turned the device in error .  Word highlighting would be another nice addition in the future for emerging readers.  I also would have liked to see the narration available for the other written languages in the story, currently it’s only available with the English words on the page.

Overall, this app is a fun twist on a classic and my son really enjoyed playing the mini games rather than engaging with the story.  The characters are puppetlike and after hearing the text on each page you can flip it over for a fun interactive game such as capturing the gold or helping to clothe the president in his suit.  This app is best suited for young elementary aged children and I would suggest reading it over with a parent the first time.


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