High quality lenses, handle provides a convenient way to carry and store lenses as well as being useful for steadying the shot, lenses can be used with different models of smartphone by getting a new case


Must use custom case, case not compatible with many screen protectors, no place to store lens cap in handle.


For the serious iPhonographer the iPro Lens Trio Kit provides a good selection of high quality add on lenses – including a macro, wide angle and 2x zoom. It also includes a custom case and carrying handle that doubles as a storage solution for the lenses. Highly recommended !

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The iPro Lens system is a system of add-on lenses for Smartphones from Schneider Optics, a company known for its high quality professional lenses. The lenses are available individually or as a set. They require a special case for your Smartphone, this is currently available for the iPhone4/4S, iPhone5/5S, iPhone 6, iPhone6+ and Galaxy S4. I tested the iPhone 5/5s Trio set with an iPhone 5.

The iPro Lens Trio Kit Includes:

  • iPro Case for iPhone 5/5S
  • Macro Lens S2
  • Super Wide Lens S2
  • 2X Tele Lens S2
  • Combi Handle (3 Section)
  • Lens Cap


The case is a 2-piece black polycarbonate shell which slips on to the iPhone. The case has a bayonet-style mount in front of the camera lens and screw mounts on either side for the handle. It has a rim which hugs the front surface of the iPhone tightly. Because it is so snugly fitting it may not work with a screen protector I had a Screenguardz Glass screen protector on my iPhone and the case slid off the screen guard. It is a very simple looking case, but I quickly got used to having it as my everyday phone case, and it is easy to remove and re-install it. I did wish it came with a compatible screen protector as I do prefer to keep my iPhone screen protected.


The handle is a really neat feature of the system, it screws into the long side of the case giving an easy way to hold the camera steady when taking pictures. There is a tripod mount in the base of the handle allowing you to easily use a tripod with your phone if you wish. The handle is made up a several segments and inside each one. It is also where you store the lenses- each segment has a bayonet mount inside allowing you to safely store a lens, and when you close the handle a little lens cleaner cover the lens surface.  If you purchase additional lenses they come with an extra handle segment so you can just add them to the handle. It really is an ingenious way to carry the lenses, keeping them protected and close at hand, and at the same time providing another useful accessory. The only downside is the lens cap does not seem to fit anywhere in the handle, so it is easy to lose.


Included in the Trio set are a 2x Telephoto, a Macro and a Wide-Angle lens. The lenses attach to the case by a bayonet mount, and stay in place very securely. The lenses can not be used without the case, but if you upgrade your phone you only need to buy the new case to be able to continue using the lenses.

The lenses all have very high quality optics and produce really sharp images. I have really enjoyed using them to take photos with my iPhone. I am including a selection of images taken with each lens.

Macro– this gives 2.5x magnification, I found the handle really useful with this lens as it much decreased the camera shake I had when using other companies Macro lenses.

Schneider Macro2

Telephoto – for everyday use this as the most useful of the lenses as I find many situations where I wish the native iPhone camera lens was more zoomed in (of course you can use the digital zoom but that decreases picture quality.)


Schneider Telephoto1

Aircraft museum with Telephoto

Schneider without Telephoto1

Same picture without Telephoto


Wide-Angle – this doubles the field of view of the iPhone camera. It does cause an exaggerated perspective with rounding at the edges – this can make for some fun effects. There are also available for purchase a wide-angle lens which has lens distortion and a fish-eye which is even more exaggerated (we did not test either.)

SchneiderWide angle2

With Super Wide Angle


Overall, I was very impressed with the  iPro Lens Trio Kit. For the serious iPhonographer it provides a good selection of high quality add on lenses including a macro, wide angle and 2x zoom, and additional lenses can be purchased separately. The iPhone case works well, though I do wish it came with a compatible glass screen protector. The handle is a really useful accessory and a great way to store and carry the lenses. I also appreciate the fact that you don’t have to buy new lenses when you upgrade your phone, you just need to replace the case. Highly recommended !

The Trio Kit has an RRP of $229, and is available from ScheiderOptics.com, Amazon and many other retailers


NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.