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What we love…

Cute, fun, Lalaloopsy theme. Variety of foods and ingredients. Works on multi-tasking, time management, memory and fine motor skills in a fun way

What we’d love to see…

a little more leeway in some of the fine motor tasks


a great child-friendly alternative to time management games like Diner Dash.

Our Rating

Lalaloopsy DinerLalaloopsy Diner is a fun time management games for kids from Cupcake Digital. With this app children learn to multi-task as they cook and serve up a variety of food to the ragdolls of Lalaloopsy Land. The app is child-friendly with no 3rd party adverts or in-app purchases. Social Media and app-store links are in a locked parents area (accessed by entering birth year).

The app has 40 levels, these are divided into 4 sections: Moon-gaze Masquerade, Showtime Shindig, Slumberland Soiree and Sew Sweet Social. In each section you learn to cook different food. In the first section, Moon-gaze Masquerade, you cook burgers starting out simply cooking burgers on just one pan, with a small choice of toppings. As you move through the levels more topping choices are unlocked, the customers orders become more complex and more customers want serving at the same time.  You also unlock the ability to cook more than one item at a time. You earn buttons (money) by selling food, and happy customers will tip. The buttons you collect can be used to buy things in the store. Some of the store items are purely aesthetic e.g. different colored wallpaper or a new clock for the diner, and you use your tip money to buy these extras; but others make your life easier such as better quality pans that are less likely to burn or faster cookers, these upgrades are purchased with the profits from your sales.

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As you enter a new section you learn to cook a new type food such as hot dogs, pizza or pancakes. Again you start out simply and unlock more toppings, more food choices and the ability to cook multiple items at once as you move through the levels. Each food type has it’s own unique set of toppings and each customer has their own favorites – and they have some very unusual tastes!! Marshmallow hot dogs anyone ? or chocolate chip burgers with pickles and mustard or maybe pizza with anchovies, olives, chocolate chips and whipped cream ?

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This app will appeal to Lalaloopsy fans, but even children who are not familiar with the show will enjoy playing it. It is fun, but also works on multi-tasking, memory, time management and fine motor skills. Each section starts out very simply and then gets more challenging as you juggle multiple orders at once – making sure you not only create the right combination but deliver it to the right customer in a timely manner. The customers in Lalaloopsy Land though are very patient- as long as you don’t take their order they will wait patiently, smiling and waving. It’s only once their order has been taken that they get impatient if they wait too long, this means that young children can take orders at a slower pace if they aren’t up to multi-tasking and still have happy diners.  I did find that sometimes the app could be a little finicky about the exact placement when putting food on to cook – I had to several times re-do putting pancake batter in a pan or putting a sausage on to cook, this may be frustrating for young kids or those with poor fine motor skills. All the strange topping choices add a bit of extra fun too, and kids will enjoy collecting buttons to upgrade their kitchen and diner. The customer’s orders are all presented visually, so reading is not required to play the app, it will appeal to children from pre-school though elementary school, and I even enjoyed playing it myself!

Overall, a great child-friendly alternative to time management games like Diner Dash.


Lalaloopsy Diner – Cupcake Digital

Lalaloopsy Diner - A Candy Coated Burgeria, Pizza Party Cooking Game Lalaloopsy Diner - A Candy Coated Burgeria, Pizza Party Cooking Game by CUPCAKE DIGITAL INC.

Price: $2.99 USD

NEW! Now players of all skill levels can have access to yummy treats and toppings right away! Or just play the amazingly awesome endless mode for all the Lalaloopsy Diner fun you can stand!!


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