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What we love…

Word highlighting as it is read and tappable words, classic Peanuts charm, game & a book

What we’d love to see…

More levels in the game, sound effects added to the story


Classic Peanuts fun as Charlie Brown and his friends play football in both a narrated storybook and a game.

Our Rating

PEAN01_Football_ICONSnoopy’s All- Star Football is a new app from Cupcake Digital featuring Charles M. Schulz’s beloved Snoopy and the Peanuts crew. It includes both a storybook app and a football- themed game app. The story is narrated with word highlighting as it is read, and touching individual words will cause them to be spoken. Music, sound effects and narration volumes can be independently adjusted or switched off. The app has no adverts or in-app purchases. External links to the appstore and Social Media are fairly well-hidden and behind a parental gate (you enter your birth year to access).

The story is a classic Peanuts tale. Charlie Brown decides to organize a game of football, Snoopy thinks it is a great idea and Charlie Brown and Snoopy set out to organize teams. Many of the Peanuts gang including Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, Pigpen, Schroeder and Peppermint Patty join in the fun. At Sally’s insistence the game is boys vs girls and the boys team are one short but a mystery player joins their team. After a nail biting game it all comes down to the last kick, and the mystery player’s identity is revealed. You’ll have to read the story to find out who it is and who won the game.

This is not an interactive book app, but more of an eBook as there are no interactive elements except the tappable words; but the word highlighting as it is read and tappable words are both great features for emerging readers.  The color illustrations show all the classic Peanuts comic strip charm, but  I would love to see some sound effects added to the story (they are in the game but not the book) to add to the atmosphere.

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As well as the story the app also includes a game -Charlie Brown and friends are playing a game of football and you need to help them score a touchdown. The game has 20 levels, plus a bonus level which is unlocked if you score 3 stars on all the earlier levels. The first level is very simple just requiring a single pass, but as you move up the levels it gets more complicated with multiple passes and opposition players tackling if you take too long about your move. One team is made up of classic Peanuts characters including Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty and the other team is made up of players who all look like identical generic Peanuts characters, it would be nice to see identifiable characters on both teams with the boys playing the girls to reflect the storyline of the book.

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 My 7 year old son is a big Peanuts fan (and he especially loves Snoopy and Woodstock) so I thought he would be the perfect audience to test out the app. Although he knows very little about American Football, he was immediately excited to see the app and enjoyed listening to the story. He picked up the game very quickly and was soon better at it than I was ! (many of the levels took me multiple attempts to complete!). His only complaint was that he completed all the levels quite quickly (it took him about 40 minutes) and so he would really like to see more levels added.

Overall, this app is sure to delight any Peanuts fan with its classic story about Charlie Brown and the gang playing football and with the bonus of a Peanuts football-themed game.
Snoopy’s All-Star Football

The app will be $2.99 but is on an introductory sale at 99c don’t miss it!


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