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Highly educational and informative content, text highlighting, tappable words and objects.

What we’d love to see…

The text and pictures/animations match when it talks about the earth rotating on its axis.


A terrific set of four books that will not only takes children on a journey to space, the deserts, and the North and South Poles but also gives them everything they need to become excellent map readers and cartographers.

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Little explorers searching for new adventures will find what they are looking for in Oceanhouse Media’s Where Are We? Collection. In this collection are four books from The Cat In The Hat’s Learning Library covering a variety of subjects including astronomy, science and geography: There’s No Place Like Space, Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry?, Ice Is Nice and There’s A Map In My Lap.

In There’s No Place Like Space, little explorers will take a flight out into the Solar System. Starting with Mercury, they will visit all the planets and discover features that make them unique from each other. They will also be taking a closer look at the stars, the sun, the moon and constellations. Coming down from an out-of-this-world experience is not easy but another exciting adventure awaits them when they return to Earth.

In Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry?, little explorers will travel to some of the well-known deserts of the world including the Sonoran Desert, the Nambi Desert, the Sahara Desert, the Mojave Desert, the Gobi Desert and the Arctic Desert. As they travel to each of the deserts, they will learn not only about why deserts are dry but also about the different plants and animals that live there and how they are able to survive in such harsh conditions. They will also learn about Nomads, what they wear and how they live. They may be surprised to learn that deserts can either be hot and dry like the Mojave and Sahara deserts or cold and dry like the Gobi and Arctic deserts. They will also learn various desert terms and features such as mirage, oasis, and dunes.

After their trip to the cold deserts, our little explorers will travel to the North Pole and the South Pole in Ice Is Nice. The North Pole, they will discover, is actually located in the Arctic Ocean, not on land. They will learn that in the North Pole, there are 6 months of long winter nights and 4 months of warm weather when the sun shines all day and all night. They will learn about the people and animals that live there and how they adapt to the cold weather. They will then go to the opposite side of the world and find out that while the North Pole is cold; the South Pole is even colder. Unlike the North Pole which is in water, the South Pole is on land. In the South Pole, little explorers will learn all about the different types of penguins that live there: the Emperor, the Chinstrap, the Adelie, the Gentoos and the Rockhoppers. In their travels to the North and South poles, they will also learn about the Earth’s axis, its rotation and its revolution. They will also learn a little about climate changes, which can open up to a discussion on global warming.

As our explorers head back to the comforts of home, they will be given the most valuable tool a little explorer needs in There’s A Map In My Lap. They will learn about all kinds of maps like globes, atlases, marine maps and topographic maps. They will quickly become expert map readers and cartographers as they learn about legends, longitude lines, latitude lines and scales. Soon they will be planning their own adventures, lots and lots of great adventures!

Once again Oceanhouse Media has put together another fantastic set of four books that is full of eye catching graphics and interactive objects. They also all have the features we have come to love in Oceanhouse Media books such as text highlighting, tappable words/objects and voice recording. The only thing I would like to see changed is the way they show the earh’s rotation. In Ice Is Nice, there is a page that reads: “Earth spins on its axis while circling the sun” and while it shows the earth circling the sun, it does not show the Earth rotating on its axis. It would be better if it rotates as the text says it does.

I highly recommend this app to parents and teachers of little explorers. Parents and teachers will love the educational value of this collection of books and little explorers will enjoy the adventures that await them.


Where Are We? Learning Library Collection (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat) – Oceanhouse Media

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