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What we love…

I love the stories! Okay, I know that’s the premise of the app, but let me tell you, they are fascinating, uplifting, and encouraging! Easy to transition to for short periods of time

What we’d love to see…

more background on the included stories


App full of inspirational stories that includes narration and a journal allowing one to reflect on the true meaning

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Miraculous Angel Encounters from Chicken Soup for the Soul ®Chicken Soup for the Soul has partnered with Oceanhouse Media to create a heartwarming series of stories relating to Miraculous Angel Encounters.  Let’s start by discussing what is available in this app, view able on the main screen. When the app opens for the first time, you will see a “stories” section, a “my journal” section, and a “soul work” section. The final slide gives you the ability to login via Facebook, or create a username. In order to access journal and soul work sections, a username must be created and in place.

In the stories section, you have access to stories with a serendipitous feel, stories relating to angels in disguise, and stories relating to angels seen everyday in every walk of life. Not interested in reading?! This app is still for you! There is an option hidden in a “secret” section titled “extras”. What is found in that section is sure to assist with an individual’s undesired request for reading. That section includes an audio version! The recordings are easy to listen to because the narrator utilizes a clear, inflection filled, tone!

Within the app, the stories are fascinating, uplifting, and encouraging! I love that there is an audio portion that can be utilized to listen to these stories if one prefers!   I also liked that the stories were easily picked up and put down, so that if I had a few moments I could look at them and then come back when I had more time.

In terms of enhancements, I would love to chat with the author to understand more about the background behind the stories.  I feel like the inspiration throughout the app limits what I would love to see because it covers such a broad base!

Do you like to journal? There is a journal section included just for you! The stories throughout the sections are packed with inspiration. Want to discuss the short entries with someone else or reflect on them personally? Oh, there’s a section for that, too!!!

A great app full of inspirational stories and ways to dig a bit deeper into the thought process that’s behind them and that surrounds them. From the stories, to the journal, to the ability to reflect on the specific stories through various questions makes this app one that is meant for all generations!   I feel like this app is a great app with a great array of tools embedded. The only downside is the limited amount of stories; however, this is a glimpse at some miraculous angel encounters that are full of inspiration!


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