iSkelter is a company with a mission – to create fine, hand-crafted, desks and accessories in the USA, their company slogan is “hand-built by people who give a damn”. They create beautiful handmade pieces from Bamboo, and their latest product is the Apple TV station.
If you have an Apple TV you’ll know the remote control is very “Apple”- sleek, silver, minimalist, but tiny! Because it is so tiny it is really easy to lose. I live dread that the kids will lose it between the sofa cushions and we’ll never see it again, so the idea of having a special place to keep it really appeals.

The  iSkelter Apple TV Station is simple and elegant. It is made from a piece of bamboo that has been polished so it is very smooth to the touch. The top surface has custom cutouts for the Apple TV and the remote. Both slots are lined with a black felt-like material, and the same material is used to make 4 small feet for the base so it doesn’t scratch your furniture. The remote slot has little cutouts to make to easy to pick up.


apple-tv-accessories1-510x652 The base is laser etched with iSkelter’s logo and slogan.



The iSkelter Apple TV Station is a beautiful, organic, eco-friendly way to display your Apple TV and to keep the remote safe. It is well designed and very well made with good attention to detail. It is hand made in the USA and is available online from RRP $39.99 but currently on sale for $32 with free shipping, this is a great price for a high quality, hand-made product.