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What we love…

items are incorporated into a room versus alone on a flash card, high quality images, can choose own clues in own order, great data collection

What we’d love to see…

More than one picture per item to assist with carryover, ability to incorporate own photos.


nice alternative to flash cards. wonderful clues., bestsuited for older clients

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iName it iName It is a program developed by Smarty Ears for use with clients with aphasia. This program has English, Spanish and Portugese  language options.. Students can be added in this program or imported exported to Smarty Ears Therapy Report Center App.

The app features high quality computer generated images showing objects in their natural surroundings in the home. Students can work on their word finding skills in a natural setting. They can choose from the bathroom, bedroom, garage, kitchen or living room. A picture of the room is shown in color, touch an item and the rest of the room is black and white. Touch the eye at the bottom of the page with the target items. And only those items are color. Can the person name the item? If yes touch the check mark. If no, a variety of different cueing options are available, touch the Head with magnifying glass for prompts. Touch the pencil and you are provided with the first few letters of the word. Press the book and you are provided with a definition. Touch the rectangle and you are provided with a sentence with a blank. Touch the talking balloon and the first sounds of the word are presented. Touch ABC and the word is displayed and spoken.

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Clues can be chosen in any order and click on “got it” when the person says the word. After all clues are presented click got it or missed it. The app keeps detailed data with the date of practice, overall accuracy without cues, with cues, by room and the most successful cue, data can be emailed, printed or exported.

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I love that the items are incorporated into a room versus alone on a flash card. I love the high quality images, that you can choose clues in your own order, and the great data collection. I would love to see more than one picture per item to assist with carryover. I’d also love the ability to incorporate my own images. Some items look differently in different houses and most of my students houses do not have these expensive items/ looks. The app is better suited for older clients as young clients who do not have items or houses this nice  do not yet have the ability to transfer this information to items they are familiar in their environment. Overall, a nice alternative to flash cards, wonderful clues, better suited for older clients vs young clients.

Suzanne is married with one fantastic 12 year old daughter. Suzanne is a school speech language pathologist in the public schools and enjoys her job tremendously. She and her family have recently moved from North Dakota to Texas and are enjoying the wonderful climate change this move has provided. Suzanne has always been the power user of new electronics in her schools and loves to teach others what she has learned. She shares her knowledge of appropriate apps with coworkers and families.

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