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Designed to encourage an ergonomic grip, large diameter, weighted stylus works well for children learning to write


Broad tip not ideal for fine detail, large and heavy so not ideal  for use on the go.


If you are looking for a stylus for a child learning to write, or for someone with fine motor issues this is a great choice. The size, weight and built-in grip all help encourage a good hand position.


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The Pencil Grip Inc. are a company that specializes in ergonomic writing aids. I have been using their pencil grip with my daughter to help teach her to hold her pencil correctly, so I was very interested to hear that they are moving into the digital age and are now producing a stylus too.

As soon as you see this stylus it is obvious that it is not a standard iPad stylus. It is a chunky stylus, similar in size to a fat marker pen and with an ergonomic Pencil Grip built in. The Pencil Grip itself is a pear- shaped, flexible grip, which is triangular in cross-section. The Pencil Grip holds the fingers in a relaxed position by supporting the first knuckle of the thumb and index finger, encouraging the user to use a full hand and arm action when writing.   It works for both right and left-handed users.

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I tested this stylus out myself and with my six-year-old daughter who has fine motor issues. As well as having the grip built-in, this stylus is also bigger and heavier than your average iPad stylus. These are all good things for use with a young child learning to write, and for older children with fine motor issues. I found the stylus easy to write and draw with, and it worked well at a variety of angles, the grip naturally guides you to use it in an ergonomic way. My daughter really liked using the stylus her comment was “I love this pen, mum” and although she still doesn’t have a “perfect grip” when using it she does have her fingers in a much better, more ergonomic position than with any other stylus we have tried. The tip is very broad – so it is like writing or drawing with a broad-tipped marker – so not an ideal stylus for doing detailed work, and the stylus is big enough that it wouldn’t be my first choice to carry for use myself, but for use with my daughter it is exactly what I’m looking for in a stylus. It might also be a good choice for an older person who has problems gripping a narrow pen or stylus. Like most styluses it performs much better without a screen protector on the iPad. The stylus has a rubber tip that is not replaceable, so over time the stylus will need replacing, but as it currently sells for only $12.99 it is cheap enough to replace every few months.

Overall, if you are looking for a stylus for a child learning to write, or for someone with fine motor issues this is a great choice. The size, weight and built-in grip all help encourage a good hand position.

NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.



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