Crayola® ColorStudio™ HD

What we love…

the variety of choices of the stylus including: marker, crayon and colored pencils which let our tester try out various coloring skills

What we’d love to see…

the ability to use a stylus with a protective case on your iPad as well as the ability to use the stylus in other apps


This is a fun addition to our iPad and makes it so my child can do his coloring on the iPad without needing paper, crayons and lots of art supplies.

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Does your child love to color – but you hate all the paper and having to carry around crayons? I recently had a chance to test the Crayola® ColorStudio™ HD iMarker™ digital stylus by Griffin and it got a thumbs up from my son. This child-friendly stylus is a marker, pen and paintbrush all in one package allowing your child’s creative juices to flow even when you are out and about and may not have access to traditional art materials. When purchasing the stylus, you do gain access to the ColorStudio HD app which is unlocked when you use the stylus for the first time.

When we first used the stylus, it was a bit hard to figure out how much “pressure” was necessary in order to use it. Once we figured out that a light touch was more than enough – it became much easier to use and play with. I also liked that we could work on fine motor skills and the proper way to hold a pencil while using it plus the motivation of drawing on the iPad was more than enough to interest my son. I also liked that you could save the pictures you created to your camera roll and either email them, send them via Facebook or print them out. We enjoyed being able to swap between markers, crayons and colored pencils on the fly depending on what we wanted to do. I also liked that there are new updates which add new pictures and features to the app on a frequent basis making it easy to use the stylus and the free drawing section of the app meant we had a white canvas to do any drawings that we wanted.

Parents should be sure to lock down the settings on their device for the ColorStudio HD app as it does not currently have a parent lock which would be a great future enhancement. I did find that at times the markers and crayons were a bit slow to display on our iPad, but the colored pencils appeared almost instantly. I also wished that it would work better while I had my protective case on the iPad rather than having to remove it – by having my Griffin Survivor on the iPad I found that it needed more pressure in order to register the pen. One other minor point, it would be nice if the cap which goes on the top of the stylus would fit on the back of the pen – currently it doesn’t so you have to put it down somewhere which means that it could be much easier to lose. In addition – I didn’t have much luck using the stylus with other apps – I would have liked to carry over some of the skills we were practicing and add early literacy and tracing to it. I do suggest parents try out the stylus and app first prior to letting their children use it to prevent frustration of children who want it to work instantly.

This is a fun addition to our iPad and makes it so my child can do his coloring on the iPad without needing paper, crayons and lots of art supplies. Having this stylus in my bag along with the iPad has made for a happy child despite long waits at times. I would suggest it for children aged 5 and older although it could be used with supervision for younger children. The marker is available directly from Griffin for $30.


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