With Father’s Day coming up soon we thought we would look for some really cool accessories for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that would make great Father’s Day gifts. They would also make great gifts for Grads and you might just be tempted to keep them for yourself! Here’s just a taste of what we found (and love!). If you are looking for accessories for yourself you should also check out our Gorgeous iPad, iPhone and iPod accessories for Women, and if you’re looking for accessories for the kids have a look at our Awesome iPad, iPhone and iPod accessories for Kids!

House of Marley Redemption Song Headphones
20120606-230200.jpgHouse of Marley make a great range of high-quality, Eco-Friendly headphones that make a great accessory for the music- loving dad. My pick is the Redemption Song on-ear headphones. These are beautifully crafted from soft high-quality leather, Beech wood and aluminum with a green, yellow and red trim that immediately evokes thoughts of Rasta, Reggae and Bob Marley. The headphones are lightweight, very comfortable and deliver amazing sound quality. They also include an in-line 3 button remote and mic, an awesome fabric covered cord with gold-plated connectors, and a canvas carrying case. RRP $199.99. You can read our review here or order online at House of Marley or Amazon.



Kensington International Travel Plug Adapter with USB charger
20120606-230034.jpg Does the man in your life travel internationally? Then this just might be the right accessory to make life easier. The Kensington travel plug adapter has built in plugs for 150 countries that hide away when not in use and slide right out when you need them. It can be used with the USB adapter cap to charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch or any other USB compatible device. It is also includes an AC adapter cap so you can use it for non-USB compatible devices too. It is compact and only weights 5oz so it’s easy to slip into his carry-on for that last minute charge at the airport. RRP$29.99. You can read our review here or order online at Kensington or Amazon

myCharge Portable Power Bank
20120606-230110.jpgIs your man’s iPhone or iPod always running out of juice at just the wrong time? Then you need to send him on his way with a myCharge Portable Power Bank in his pocket. They are small and light with built-in Apple, Mini and Micro-USB adapters that will allow you to connect to hundreds of devices. The built-in connectors mean there are no small parts to lose, and you can charge multiple devices at once. The 3000 will charge an average Smart phone 2x with a 5VDC/1A output; its RRP is $79.99. The 6000 will charge a Smart phone 4x or charge an iPad nearly full, its Apple adapter’s output is 5VDC/ 2.1A, and its USB is 5vDC/ 1A, its RRP is $99.99. You can read our review here or order online from myCharge or Amazon (6000) or (3000).

SmartTalk Solar
Are you looking for a safe way to talk whilst on the road, without having to worry about batteries running low ? Griffin has the answer. SmartTalk Solar autoconnects with a paired iPhone or smartphone as soon as you get into your car. Answer and place calls using a single large button, or activate your smartphone’s voice command features. The window-mounted unit uses a built-in solar panel to keep the internal battery charged for extended talk time. SmartTalk Solar can also be paired with two different smartphones at the same time, so multiple handsets can use its handsfree features. RRP $69.99 order online from Griffin or Amazon.



WoodTones Earbuds
griffin woodtones earbudsIf you are looking for a small lightweight set of earbuds with great sound quality to listen to music on the go, these WoodTones Earbuds from Griffin may be just what you are looking for. They are made from wood reclaimed from furniture manufacturing and pair the excellent acoustic qualities of the wood with 8 mm neodymium drivers. Three sizes of cushions are included, to ensure a good fit for your ears, and a listening experience isolated from outside distractions. RRP $29.99 available online from Griffin.



Does your man commute on the train and like to use the iPad? BookWedge from Cypress Creek Marketing is an inflatable cushion which helps you hold books, electronic readers or the iPad. I’ve used it in a variety of ways and have definitely noticed it helps to hold up almost anything which can be really helpful when you are space constrained. It also deflates and re-inflates easily and is now a staple in my backpack during my commute into work. I have deflated and re inflated Book Wedge more times than I can count and it continues to perform well and hold my items. I found the stand held my iPad at the correct viewing angle and was ergonomic, super lightweight and easy to use after inflating. RRP $19.99 . You can read our review here or order online from Wonda Wedge or Amazon.



TPU Guide Waterproof Case for the iPad and TPU Guide Waterproof Case for the iPhone (Givewaway)
Sea to Summit TPU Guide Waterproof Pouch for iPad One Color, One SizeDoes your man enjoy water activities, going to the beach or simply work in an environment that is damp? Have no fear, the TPU Guide Waterproof Case for the iPad and TPU Guide Waterproof Case for the iPhone are here from Sea to Summit. Perfect for anyone with an active waterbased lifestyle, this case will protect your iPad or iPhone while keeping it accessible and safe. The case consists of a pouch which utilizes Velcro® closures after sliding in the tablet and folding over the material. As you can see from the photo, the iPad is accessible via a screen sized “window” made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and usable while protected in the case. Read our full review and enter to win.



Powerbag by ful
Does your man run out of the house and forget to charge his electronic devices? I know mine does sometimes! Tired of your iPad, iPhone or other electronic device running out of battery at the wrong moment? Check out Powerbag™ by ful. I was recently given the opportunity to test the Powerbag™ Business Class Case and loved knowing that if my phone ran out of power or my iPad ran out of batteries I could charge it up without having to find the cord, a wall outlet and waiting for the bag to charge up. You simply charge the bag – which has a built in battery using a regular wall outlet and then when your devices need charging while you are on the go, you plug them into the bag press the power button and go! When you arrive at your destination your phone, iPad or other electronic devices have a charge to them and your bag has done all of the work. As a busy mom who commutes daily, I know this bag has been a lifesaver to me several times when I forgot my power cord and my phone was had the dreaded low battery. Read our review here.



Are you worried about dropping your iPad and what might happen to it? Check out the shock-absorbing harness from iBallz which features four ballz that go on the corners of your iPad to protect it. I recently tried this product out when flying and found that it turned my iPad into a hanging personal video screen. I also love all of the companion cases that go along with it including the hard case and sachel. The hard case slips easily into my backpack for my daily commute and provides additional protection for my iPad. Check it out in action via a YouTube video.



Trident Kraken II iPhone 4 Case

This is one durable iPhone case perfect for those working in intense environments. For example, my husband works on machinery at coal mines which involves working in coal dust, dirt, mud, rain, you name it, and the Kraken II can handle them all. It’s specially designed to keep those things out and away from damaging your iPhone by offering a maximum protection, full coverage case with built-in screen protector and also dust covers for each opening in the phone (earphone jack, volume buttons, etc). It also has a neat little aluminium slide-lock kickstand for propping up and a belt holster for carrying around. If you work (or play) in a rugged environment and need a case that can take anything you throw at it, the Kraken II is your case. It’s available in many colours and at a cost of AU$44.95 from Trident or Amazon.

Product pricing was correct at the time of publishing this article but is subject to change so check before purchasing. Please check the suppliers website to see if these products are available to your country.

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Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

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