You’ve just received a shiny new device and within seconds it’s covered in smudgy fingerprints. Gah! Now, with a Smart Cloth by Toddy Gear, you not only have a handy way to keep the screen clean but also a stylish accessory for your gadget.

“The Toddy Smart Cloth is a functional and fashionable microfiber cloth carefully crafted for effective, scratch-free cleaning of extremely sensitive surfaces.”

Valued at under AU$15, Smart Cloths not only look smart, they act it too. The antimicrobial material prevents the spread of germs and bacteria while cleaning your device, all without the use of cleaning sprays or fluids. This fun yet functional accessory offers dual-sided cleaning with one side featuring the plushy microfibre and the other a stylish patterned silk print. With literally dozens of beautiful patterns to choose from, there is a Smart Cloth for everyone from the funky retro ‘Go-Go‘ to the more conservative ‘Aficionado‘. My favourite would have to be the ‘Zin Zin‘ but it’s so hard to choose just one!

Toddy ClothsI’ve been cleaning everything with this cloth including our iPads, phones, laptop and desktop computer screens, digital camera screen and lens, the TV (it’s amazing we could even watch TV with the amount of fingerprints on it!) and also our sunglasses, GPS, car windscreen (inside only!!) and the list goes on. An added bonus of the environmentally friendly Toddy Smart Cloth is its reusability. Once the cloth has had its fair share of dirt, you simply throw it in the washing machine, dry it off and it’s ready to clean again.

I keep a Toddy Smart Cloth in my iPad case, one in the glovebox of my car and one by the computer and if you wish to do the same, or you simply can’t choose just one design, Toddy Gear have a ‘three for two’ deal going on through their website. If you’re in Australia, visit their distributor Ekin to learn more about Toddy Smart Cloths or place an order. Tell them The iMum sent you

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